Thursday, August 2, 2012

Help Support The DIA With FAFDET

A little while ago we told you about Free Art Friday Detroit. To refresh your memory, FAFDET is a concept that was brought here in 2011 that has been going on all over the world. To participate, artists create a custom piece and then hide it somewhere in Detroit. The artist will then post photo clues of their hiding spot on the FAFDET Facebook and anyone who finds the artwork gets to keep it! It's basically an awesome, city-wide, art scavenger hunt.
Well, this Friday's hunt is going to be a bit more special. If you haven't already heard about it, there is an upcoming millage vote in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties that could provide $23 million in funding for the DIA, which would include offering free admission to area residents. I think this sounds pretty amazing, and of course the people at FAFDET think so too, because tomorrows scavenger hunt is going to be in support of the DIA.

The day will start off at 10 a.m. with an artist's rally on the steps of the DIA that will provide select artists a chance to share their views on the millage. Major media outlets will be on hand to cover this event so it will reach a wide audience. Artists can distribute their art throughout the Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties anytime during the day, but make sure to take a photo and upload it. And don't forget to bring a sample of the artwork you plan on hiding to the rally!

Any artists, or art admirers, interested in the special event should definitely show up August 3 and support the DIA, one of Detroit's staples. So spread the word and have fun making art and scavenging for some new pieces! I know I saw a couple weeks ago that there were some pretty awesome mustache pieces that I wanted to find! There is always a wide range of artwork that people find on Free Art Fridays, so I'm sure everyone can find something they like, plus support a great cause!

This millage is a pretty big deal, and if you feel strongly about it, you should head down tomorrow (August 3) and support the DIA with FAFDET! In the meantime, a lot of people have started posting things they will be hiding tomorrow (a lot of good stuff already!), so take a look!

For more information on the millage, click here.


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