Monday, August 27, 2012

Bahamut At The Bear Cave

This past Saturday night we had a wonderful time watching Bahamut blow our ears out with their loud drummer and lack of a melody. This progressive metal band treated the crowd at the Old Gods and Isosceles Mountain show to a wonderful performance of their old songs along with a few of the unrecorded tracks they have yet to release. 
After they finished playing, I had a chance to catch up with the band and learn a little more about the men behind the sound. The band recently recruited Brian to step in and play second guitar. Terry recently won a 2012 Kresge Arts Fellowship award for excellence, which we featured here on the site. 

The guys were happy to be out playing their first show together and there was a great vibe in the room after they performed. Terry told us a little more about what the future of Bahamut will be and if they are looking to add a bass player or continue on without one, check out the video interview and performance here.


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