Thursday, August 16, 2012

No Grave Like The Sea Friday Night @ The Berkley Front

I always like to make our readers aware when there is a show rolling through town that I think you may be interested in. So I wanted to let you know about a few bands coming to town August 17th. The Berkley Front will be hosting No Grave Like The Sea, Home and Garden and Jon Langford for one night for all to see. An old friend Shawn McGuire (former Michigander) made me aware of the show and some of the history that will be on stage that evening. 
Tony Maimone is a bass player from Brooklyn, and is a former member of Pere Ubu, from the mid-1970’s to the early 90's. During this time he was known for being part of one of the best rhythm sections in rock and roll. Pere Ubu is a band from Ohio that boasts many members that have come and gone through the years. They were known for their unique sound, which was described as a mix of garage rock and surf music. Tony not only recorded Pere Ubu and played in the band, but he also recorded Jon Langford and the Mekons, of which Langford was once a member. John was the drummer for the Mekons and since the mid-1980’s he has been known for his unique style of punk rock that incorporates folk and country into the sound. 

Mr. Maimone will be playing in Home and Garden and No Grave like the Sea at the Berkley Front and Jon will be preforming as himself. Basically all of these musicians have known and played with each other in some capacity in the past, and on August 17th they will all be meeting up to perform for you. This show promises to be good and will showcase a lot of different backgrounds and talents.  

Check out Home and Garden and No Grave Like The Sea and head out on the 17th to see a little piece of musical history combine on stage.


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