Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Bison Machine is Ready for Black Christmas! Are you?

All week we have had the pleasure of talking with some of the bands playing this year's Black Christmas and giving away free tickets to the show. Well, the fun isn't over yet! Black Christmas is only a few days away and we have more tickets to giveaway and bands to chat with.
This time around, we had the pleasure of talking with Bison Machine. These guys just got back from tour, opened for Nashville Pussy a few weeks ago, and now they have a new album in the works. If you like stoner rock and you haven't checked this band out yet, it's about time that you do. Give them a listen on bandcamp here.

Casey O'Ryan and Anthony Franchina were nice enough to answer our 12 Days of Black Christmas questions. Read ahead to find out what they asked Santa for this year.

HID- What other band are you most looking forward to seeing during this year's Black Christmas
Casey & Anthony- "Municipal Waste. Gotta get a couple of those Trump-blowing-his-brains-out shirts. Also looking forward to the George Michael hologram we heard is gonna be on the main stage between bands."

HID- What did you ask Santa for this Holiday Season? 
C & A- "New band van, a couple of swords, a fifth of Jezy, and a sense of purpose."

HID- What’s the most memorable gift you got as a child? 
Anthony- "Black Sabbath We Sold Our Souls For Rock And Roll CD from my grandma."

Casey- "Backrubs from Santa (I think it was my uncle Jack)."

HID- What's your favorite food around the holidays? 
C & A- "Anything leftover, just throw it in the deep fryer. Good as new."

HID- Do you have a favorite Christmas song? 
C & A- "Judas Priest - Ram It Down"

HID- What does Black Christmas mean to you?
C & A- "Guarantee of a 3 day bender. But seriously this is our first time playing it and we are stoked to be here this year. See you all Friday!"

HID- Have you ever caught your parents having sex when you were looking for Santa on Christmas Eve?
C & A- "Yes..."

Tickets to see Bison Machine and a ton of other awesome bands at Black Christmas this Friday are $35 and you can pick yours up here. You can also win tickets from our 12 Days of Black Christmas ticket giveaway! If you would like to enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the show, email your name to with #blackchristmas in the subject line. Since time is running out and the show is drawing closer, you can get a second entry in if you hit us up on social media (@hipindetroit). Tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and let us know that you want to go to #blackchristmas.

Good luck! 


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