Friday, December 23, 2016

A Fireside Chat with Rebel Spies before Black Christmas

Our 12 Days of Black Christmas continues today with one of the bands that we're looking forward to seeing the most at this year's show, Rebel Spies. This year's lineup is so great that we're looking forward to seeing every band on it. But, Rebel Spies always puts on a great show and we have been big fans since this band got its start a few years ago. Actually, we've been fans of pretty much everything everyone in this band has done in the past too, since it includes guys from Telegraph, Fordirelifesake, The Suicide Machines, Hellmouth, and Bastardous. In case you haven't heard Rebel Spies before, give them a listen here.

We had a chance to ask front man Jeff Sanguis our 12 Days of Black Christmas questions. See what he had to say.

HID- What other band are you most looking forward to seeing during this year's Black Christmas?
Jeff- "I'm stoked to see Municipal Waste, their style of thrash takes me back. Makes me feel like a kid again, which is no small feat considering how old I am. Also looking forward to The War Between, a new cool band from Grand Rapids. It cannot be easy being from GR and having to live in the shadow of those tools Mustard Plug... especially Colin."

HID- What did you ask Santa for this Holiday Season? 
Jeff- "A new fancy Keurig coffee maker, and then some gift cards to Starbucks, for when I cannot make coffee because I cannot afford K cups for the stupid Keurig I asked for. Vicious circle, not very well thought out, I know. Sitting on his lap makes me nervous, especially with all the kissing."

HID- What’s the most memorable gift you got as a child? 
Jeff- "Santa took a shit while dropping off our gifts. One year, Christmas of 79 I believe. he didn't flush. I will NEVER forget that, so gross. I'm the one who found it. True story."

HID- What's your favorite food around the holidays? 
Jeff- "It's pizza... it's always pizza, holidays or no holidays. You want me to betray my love for pizza? That's just nuts. I do not like nuts though. On anything. Is there a Christmas pizza? What would be on that? Ham I guess. Candy canes? That would be so gross. See, it doesn't work. Quit trying to make Christmas pizza happen. What the hell was the question again?"

HID- Do you have a favorite Christmas song? 
Jeff- "(There's no place like) home for the holidays by Perry Como, 1954 version people. Mariah Carey sucks, stop it."

HID- What does Black Christmas mean to you?
Jeff- "It's fun. Not a lot of shit is fun these days. It's dope to see so many generations mixing together as well. If ever there is a day where the old kids can mix it up with the new kids and see that the more things change the more they stay the same it's Black Christmas. But hey, that trend of wearing those stupid fucking cosby like thrift shop sweaters, is that still a thing? That should stop too. Mariah Carey and Cosby sweaters. Sucks, stop it."

HID- Have you ever caught your parents having sex when you were looking for Santa on Christmas Eve? 
Jeff- "No. My parents never had sex. I was a virgin birth, just like that Jesus kid. Merry fucking Christmas. Literally."

That Jeff, what funny guy. If you want to hear more from him, you should also check out his show, The Jeff Sanguis Show

Make sure you don't miss Rebel Spies when they play Black Christmas this year along with The Suicide Machines, the Koffin Kats, The Black Dahlia Murder, and a whole slew of awesome bands. For the full lineup click here. Tickets to this awesome show are $35 in advance here. And don't forget! We're giving away a pair of tickets every day leading up to the show! To enter to win those tickets, send your name to with #blackchristmas in the subject line. Good luck and see you on December 30th at The Majestic


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