Monday, December 26, 2016

Koffin Kats Are Ready to Party at Black Christmas! Are You?

Christmas has come and gone until next year, but fret not. That just means that we're another day closer to one of the best events of the year, Black Christmas! This Friday, December 30th Black Iris Booking will take over the entire Majestic complex for one night. Some of the best punk, metal and ska bands that Detroit has to offer will play at every venue throughout the complex. Check out the full lineup of bands here
Once again this year one of the headlining bands is the Koffin Kats. These guys always put on an amazing show! The band recently started playing with Tommy "T-Bags" Koffin again and now they are getting ready to release a new album. Party Time in the End of Times is set to be released the first week of 2017. You can get a preview of the album here.

We had a chance to chat with Vic & Tommy last week and ask them our 12 Days of Black Christmas questions. Read ahead to see what they had to say.  

HID- What other band are you most looking forward to seeing during this year's Black Christmas?
Vic- "It's become a bit of a tradition now with this time of year and playing a few shows with Mustard Plug. So its going to be cool to see them again."

 "This is my first Black Christmas since rejoining the band, so I'm looking forward to the whole experience. Suicide Machines are always awesome to catch live."

HID- What did you ask Santa for this Holiday Season? 
Vic- "A new motor for our tour van."

Tommy- "Lots of booze."

HID- What’s the most memorable gift you got as a child? 
Vic- "The upright bass I got for myself after working a hellish holiday season at Toys R Us."

Tommy- "My first electric guitar that actually stayed in tune."

HID- What's your favorite food around the holidays? 
Vic- "Deviled eggs. Lots of deviled eggs. Lots of farting on the band mates. Especially Tommy, because he throws up anytime he smells something awful."

Tommy- "I like Taco Bell. Around the the holidays. Around anytime really. "

HID- Do you have a favorite Christmas song? 
Vic- "I love that cover of Emmanuel by Bad Religion. Its from a great xmas song cover album they did."

Tommy- "Up On The Rooftop sung by the great El Duce of The Mentors."

HID- What does Black Christmas mean to you?
Vic- "We've done a few now and to me it's always one of our last shows of the year. A good way to go out with a bunch of great bands."

Tommy- "Seeing good bands and good friends."

HID- Have you ever caught your parents having sex when you were looking for Santa on Christmas Eve? 
Vic- "I never believed in Santa. And this question just made Tommy's hangover kick in hahaha. He's currently in the bathroom throwing up."

Tickets for Black Christmas are $35 and can be purchased in advance here. There are also a few days left to get in on our 12 Days of Black Christmas ticket giveaway! We will be giving away a pair of tickets every day leading up to the show on Friday. If you would like to enter to win, email your name to with #blackchristmas in the subject line. Since time is running out and the show is drawing closer, you can get a second entry in if you hit us up on social media (@hipindetroit). You can tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and let us know that you want to go to #blackchristmas.

We can't wait to party with all of you this Friday! Get those entries in and good luck!


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