Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Very Black Christmas Chat with Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder

This weekend many of us will celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, but those in the loop know that the real holiday party is on December 30th and it's called Black Christmas! Every year Black Iris Booking brings some of Detroit's best bands past and present to the Majestic Theatre. They take over the whole complex and have bands performing in every room!

This year's lineup includes The Suicide MachinesThe Black Dahlia Murder, Municipal Waste, Fucked Up, Mustard Plug, Koffin KatsFlamingo Nosebleed, HiFi Handgrenades, Tart, Bison Machine, Rebel Spies, DIRTWOLF, The Idiot Kids, The War Between, J. Navarro & the TraitorsSome Uncoordinated Bastards, MadHouseCheapshow and S a f e w o r d s. We are giving away a pair of tickets every day leading up to the event and we are interviewing a few of the bands. If you would like to enter to win a pair of tickets to the show please email your full name to with the subject line #blackchristmas. In the meantime, check out our first Black Christmas Interview with Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder!

HID- What other band are you most looking forward to seeing during this year's Black Christmas? 
Trevor- "Fucked Up! I love those guys. We’ve played alongside them before at a festival and that was how I first heard them. What an awesome and original sound. I’ve gotten into them quite a bit and gone to see them at The Magic Stick since... was a total blast. They have such a great energy live... very positive."

HID- What did you ask Santa for this Holiday Season? 

Trevor- "Tons of death metal records, as usual. Nothing better than a fat stack of new tunes at Christmas. This used to greatly upset my mother back in the day when I was in high school and we got into a few fights about blood guts and Satan spoiling Jesus' birthday or whatever."

HID- What’s the most memorable gift you got as a child? 

Trevor- "I guess it had to be Nintendo. Probably the greatest day of my life, still! It was such a huge deal then... a thing of status. I was finally a made man! I still play the old OG Nintendo at least once a week. It’s like a nostalgic security blanket type of feeling for me. A portal to happier times."

HID- What's your favorite food around the holidays? 

Trevor- "Cookies. I love all of em. The best however are the peanut butter ones with the Hersey Kiss in the middle (or you could swap them out for Rolos if you’re really wild). Must have a glass of milk, too. Lactose free so I don’t soil my Christmas knickers."

HID- Do you have a favorite Christmas song? 

Trevor- "That one that’s like “Whoopdy doo, and hickory dock! Don’t forget to, hang up your sock!” Happy Holidays? I don’t remember who sings it. I don’t know if I’ve ever known. It used to come on when I worked at Frank’s Nursery and Crafts. I was the Christmas tree dude. I had cuts and scabs all over my arms constantly and I smelled like sap. Good times."

HID- What does Black Christmas mean to you?

Trevor- "It means a total riotous holiday occasion... familiar faces, booze, hugs, and loud music... it’s better than actual Christmas. The most ridiculous sets we’ve ever played in Detroit have been under the Black Xmas banner. It means the next day I’ll probably be hurtin’, haha."

Have you ever caught your parents having sex when you were looking for Santa on Christmas Eve?  

Trevor- "No, thankfully this never happened.  I never saw them having sex any other time either, but I heard it a few times and that was mortifying enough."

You can see Black Dahlia Murder and lots of other bad ass bands at the show on December 30th, get your tickets NOW!


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