Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Brendan Patrick Can't See Sh*t!!

Brendan Patrick is an artist. He has been painting for most of his life which may not sound like a big deal until you find out that for the last few years, Brendan has been blind.

Brendan was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and had to undergo a lung transplant. Around the same time he lost his vision. For most people this loss would have meant the end of their art careers, but not for Brendan. He has come up with his own method of painting and he creates some beautiful works of art.

His story of perseverance and not giving up is inspiring. A local film company called Get Super Rad thought his story was so inspiring that they created a short video about Brendan. Once they saw people's reactions that film, they decided that they had to create a full length documentary about Brendan. They started an Indiegogo and they are trying to raise the money to make this happen.

I was really intrigued by the story and I would love to see a movie get made. I reached out to Rob from Get Super Rad and asked him a few questions about the project and I asked Brendan a few questions about what it is like to lose your vision. Read our interview, watch their video, and donate to the cause!

HID-What is your background in film?
Rob Cousineau- "My company Get Super Rad formed about 5 years ago, we mostly worked in the commercial world, occasionally making short form documentary pieces focusing on skateboarding and sometimes for brands like RAM and Chevy. Chris and I wrapped our first feature film last year, FUTURE which is currently in post production. We've been filming Can't See Sh*t for a little over a year already."

HID- What inspired you to work with Brendan?
Rob Cousineau- "Brendan called me up. He asked me to make a video for him to promote his art show, so Chris and I headed over and filmed a bit with him, but as we began editing, we just wanted to see more, and realized the scope of the project could be feature length easily. Brendan and I have been close friends science we were teenagers. So when he called of course I was excited to make something with my bud."

HID- Why do you think it is important to make this film?

Rob Cousineau- "This film is important because Brendan is accidentally inspiring. He laughs off his terrible situation, and accomplishes what he sets out to do. Brendan has tons of medical ailments, and not one of them defines him, he’s such a funny and interesting guy, that there is never a second of pity for him and his situation, you just forget about all that and enjoy being around him."

HID- Will this film be like the short video you released or will you be doing something different with the full length version if you get to make it?

Rob Cousineau- "This is going to be a feature length documentary, We intend to dive way deeper into the art world, and see where Brendan’s career can go. We also want to delve more into Cystic Fibrosis and speak with other survivors so they can tell there story and we can see how they align with Brendan’s."

HID- Brendan, what is the shittiest part about not being able to see?
Brendan Patrick- "Not being able to go get whatever I want in an instant. Sometimes I want a burrito from Taco Bell or a Slurpee and it becomes a whole thing."

HID- Do you remember colors? If so how?
Brendan Patrick- "I remember the color wheel really well, color coordinating isn’t something that went away from me. I had vision until 8 years ago, so I can still visualize my color template pretty well."

HID- People always say when you lose one sense the others get stronger, is that true?

Brendan Patrick- "I think maybe my senses have gotten better, it’s just that you use them differently you know? I am more aware of my surroundings because I have to be. I am pretty much Daredevil now is what I am getting at."

HID- How often do you paint?
Brendan Patrick- "Everyday, I usually get 2 - 4 paintings done a day, its therapeutic for me. It’s like My opportunity to see again for a bit, and I have to sort of meditate and paint out the image in my head, it helps me not to stress on anything when I am painting."

HID- How do you feel about turning your life into a documentary? Why do you want to do it?
Brendan Patrick- "Initially it was about exposure to my art. It’s hard for me to feel self conscious about a lot, with all my medical problems I have been prodded and poked and examined pretty much every way imaginable. But yeah, I feel good about it, people tell me my story inspires them, and that's a new, good feeling. Also, if it sheds some light on Cystic Fibrosis and helps raise some awareness there, that’s a huge bonus."

HID- Do you have any upcoming art shows?
Brendan Patrick- "I will be in Pittsburgh this weekend at art all night exhibiting as well as doing some live painting. Then I will be at Tangent Gallery for When Visions Collide April 30th. May 7th I'm doing a fundraising show for Cystic Fibrosis in Ypsilanti."


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