Monday, May 16, 2016

Kick the Week off at Trumbullplex

It may only be Monday, but that doesn't mean you have to spend the night on the couch. Start the week off right and head down to the Trumbullplex tonight! This Monday night they are hosting an awesome lineup with a couple of locals and a touring band. 

Let's start off with the touring band. Lizard Police is coming through Detroit from Tulsa, OK. I've never heard of these guys before seeing them on this bill, but now that I've had a listen, I'm rethinking my Monday night. "Think if Thin Lizzy made pop punk songs on mushrooms. And had twins that formed a rhythm section." That's quite the description, but if that doesn't make you want to give them a listen, I don't know what will. Head over and check them out on their bandcamp here and hopefully you'll like what you hear as much as I did. 

Also on the bill for tonight are Detroit's own Trancers and The End Electric. Trancers is a 3 piece with an '80s feel. They recently released a new cover album Playing Songs by Someone Else, you can check that out here. The End Electric is an experimental rock band with an awesome female vocalist. You can check out some of their tunes here

Tonight's show is set to kick off at 7 p.m. and they're suggesting a $6 donation at the door. Trumbullplex is located at 4120 Trumbull in Detroit. For more info on this show, click here


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