Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Revisiting Punch Bowl Social

I visited Punch Bowl Social about a year ago when it first opened it's door, I enjoyed my meal but I wasn't impressed by the overall experience at the time. To be fair they had just opened their doors and most restaurants take a while to work out the kinks.  I also wasn't able to look around and see all the cool things they had to offer because most of the space was closed for a private party. So, while I enjoyed my meal there wasn't anything that would prompt me to come back.  Thankfully, Punch Bowl recently reached out to hip in Detroit and invited us to come tour the space and we literally had the time of our lives!  Christie, and I invited our favorite graphic designer Monster Free Design aka Allison to join us for a night of food, drinks, and karaoke. We all left with smiles on our faces looking forward to our next visit. 

We stared out the night by taking a  tour of the space. I did not realize how big it was and all the cool things it has to offer. They have everything you need to have fun including pool tables, a bowling alley (private and public) karaoke rooms, a giant magnetic scrabble, video games, darts, and more!  You can rent out any of the games or rooms for very reasonable rates ( for example the karaoke rooms are only $35 dollars a hour) and have fun while you eat and drink.

After taking the tour, we decided that we wanted to hang out in a private karaoke room for the night. We ordered a ton of aps, a few meals and lots of punch and went to town singing Whitney, Prince, Nirvana and more at the top of our lungs.  The karaoke was fun, the drinks were amazing ( they have their own homemade punches that they actually bring  in punch bowls) and the food was to die for.  They have worked out all the kinks to say the very least.

My favorite items included the nachos ( made with cauliflower), the tacos (vegetarian), the stuffed mushrooms, the chicken and waffles, the roasted carrot avocado salad.  My favorite punch was the paper tiger punch (with a jalapeno kick!) and my favorite mixed drink was the bourbon smash. 

Punch bowl is the perfect place to book a private party and they can easily accommodate a big group at anytime, which is hard to find in Detroit.  We highly suggest stopping y and checking the place out for yourselves, and if you do rent a karaoke room and sing your heart out!


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