Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Quick Little Interview With Peach Kelli Pop Before They Hit Detroit this Sunday

Peach Kelli Pop is a fun band that plays fun music for fun people. They also tackle some pretty important issues, like body image, while making you want to get up and dance. The L.A. based five piece is currently on tour in support of their latest EP Halloween Mask. You can listen to the new stuff and purchase a 7" here.

You can also purchase a copy this Sunday at The UFO Factory where the ladies are playing alongside John Krautner and Deadbeat Beat. We had a chance to ask the ladies a few questions which they kindly answered despite being out on the road. Their answers are as fun and witty as their band! Check it out and head out to UFO this Sunday if you like what you hear!

HID- How did the five of you find each other?
PKP- "We met in a jazzercise class in LA. We happened to be wearing matching jazzercise outfits and ended up talking and agreeing to play music together!"

HID- Who snores on the bus?
PKP- "None of us snore but Gina, our bass player has night terrors sometimes. Yikes!"

HID- Your new song "Halloween Mask" talks about the pressures of being beautiful. How do you feel these pressures have affected you personally?
PKP- "It has made me experience negative feelings in terms of self worth and self confidence since I was middle school. It's made me realize that achieving these standards of beauty doesn't amount to what's actually important, like happiness and feelings of self-fulfillment."

HID- Do you still have copies of the Halloween Mask 7" for us to buy at the show?
PKP- "We have so many boxes of the 7" in our van - we should still have lots when we are in town!"

HID- You are 2/3 through this tour, what has been the highlight and one has been the low point so far?
PKP- "The highlight has been regional dining - we love tasting the cuisine in all the different cities we visit. And of course playing for and meeting all our fans! The only low point was when we accidentally left Mindee, our drummer, at gas station, and didn't notice for 3 hours. Sorry Mindee."

HID- What's your go to fast food place on the road?
PKP- "We absolutely adore Cracker Barrel, and WaWa - a gas station with a restaurant in the Northeast. We don't eat anything like McDonald's or Jack in the Box, otherwise we'd never survive a month long tour."

HID- What’s the weirdest thing you packed for tour?
PKP- "Probably our Ouija board and EMF detector. We like to know whether the places we sleep are haunted or not. I also packed 8 kinds of hot sauce."

HID- What’s the first thing you are going to do when you get back home?
PKP- "Eat Mexican food and swim in the ocean!"

HID- Do you have a tentative date for a full album release?
PKP- "Not at the moment. We are currently focusing on booking tours in Hawaii, Australia and Japan."

HID- How about a music video?
PKP- "We have 2 music videos that we shot before tour. One for 'Halloween Mask' and the other for 'Stuck in a Dream', both on the new 7"."

HID- Is there anything you would like to say to you Detroit fans?
PKP- "We would say thank you for always showing us a great time. We always look forward to playing Detroit and love our friends there!"

Doors for the show will open at 9 p.m. this Sunday. It's only $10 to get in and advance tickets can be purchased here.


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