Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tunde Olaniran Took Over ROMT!

Every one hates to miss out on the party. If you missed Tunde Olaniran’s performance Friday night at Royal Oak Music Theatre you officially missed a rager.

Our favorite “Brown Boy” gave the crowd one of the most visually and vocally enticing performances that we have ever seen and danced his little heart out. He debuted some new duds during the set and invited some of Detroit’s best to join him on stage. He used Dale Earnhardt's amazing lighting and backdrop to his advantage and won over the crowd almost as soon as he hit the stage. I'm pretty sure he walked away with quite a few new fans that night.

It was really cool to see everyone at ROMT throwing their hands in the air and dancing along with Emma and Cientell (Tunde’s dancers). Guest performances for the night included James Linck, Passalacqua, and Little Animal. We took some pictures and a video for all of you who missed out. Here’s a live recording of Tunde performing from his latest EP Yung Archetype at The Royal Oak Music Theatre on April 19, 2014:

To keep up with Tunde, follow him on Facebook here. To purchase his music visit his bandcamp here.


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  1. Tunde is incredible, live! Blew me away at Culture Shock in Bloomington.