Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Recap of Break Anchor's Tour Homecoming Show!

This past Saturday Break Anchor hit the stage at The Magic Stick Lounge for their tour homecoming show. The guys just headed out to the West Coast and back again all within a couple of weeks. We're pretty sure they couldn't have had time to sleep while they were gone. After their tour kickoff show at Yonka House was broke up by the cops, fans were determined to see them play and headed out in droves.

Opening up the show were the metal heads in Axe Ripper. This band has been getting more and more recognition in the music scene over the past few months. You even will be able to check them out at this year's Blowout on Friday at The Painted Lady. Check out a couple of songs from their set below.

Up next was Rebel Spies. I already love this band, but somehow every time I see them, I like them even more. The band has a 7" out now that I highly suggest you pick up and head over to their bandcamp to download the 3 tracks.

Last up for the night was Break Anchor. They played a solid set, as always. And luckily that night they actually got to play and on top of that, they got to play a full set. This band's shows are always a good time and you can't help but to sing along. We were very pleased to not only hear our old favorites, but even a couple of brand new songs too. You can even check one out below.

This was definitely one of the better shows we have been to in a while. (And in case you haven't noticed, we go to a quite a few shows!) It was awesome to see great bands play and so many great people too. Although the entire Detroit music community is awesome, there is something different about the punk rock scene. They have an amazing amount of support not only for each others bands, but for each other as people. It truly is like a second family and it's the way a local music scene should be.


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