Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hip In Detroit's Picks for Blowout 17!

The Blowout is right around the corner, so we decided it is probably time for us to give you suggestions on what bands we think you should check out this year. As you know, things are going to be a little different this year with venues in Detroit, Hamtramck and Ferndale participating. If you don't know about the changes, check out our interview with Chris Johnston here. If you do know about the changes, you know that you are going to have to map your evenings out wisely. And, don't forget, if you plan on hopping from city to city there is an Uber code that will save you up to $30! Just check your Blowout wristband for the exclusive code. But, without further adieu, here are our picks for this year's Blowout!

Wednesday, April 30th - Kickoff Party at The Magic Stick & Garden Bowl
Sadie's Picks:
8:30 p.m.- Ryan Dillaha & The Miracle Men @ The Magic Stick

Christie's Picks:
9 p.m.- Ronny Tibbs & the 305's @ The Magic Stick Lounge

Sadie & Christie agree that you should see:
11:15 p.m.- Size Queen @ Garden Bowl
Sadie's Picks:
11:30 p.m.- Nice Hooves @ New Dodge
11:30 p.m.- Detroit Cobras @ Small's

Christie's Picks:
10:15 p.m.- The Octopus @ New Dodge

Sadie & Christie agree that you should see:
10:15 p.m.- Touch the Clouds @ Celina’s
11:30 p.m.- FLASHCLASH @ Como's

Friday, May 2nd
Sadie's Picks:
10 p.m.- Cold Men Young @ The Old Miami
11:30 p.m.- 500 Club @ New Dodge
12:45 a.m.- Jamaican Queens @ New Dodge
12:45 a.m.- Kaleido @ Small's

Christie's Picks:
11:30 p.m.- RawDogs @ The Painted Lady
11:30 p.m.- The Philter @ Union Street

Sadie & Christie agree that you should see:
9 p.m.- Jesse Shepherd Bates @ New Way Bar
9 p.m.- Chris Jarvis @ Como's
11:30 p.m.- Tunde @ The Rust Belt Market
11:30 p.m.- The Armed @ The Loving Touch
11:30 p.m.- Passalacqua @ Small's
11:30 p.m.- Almost Free @ New Way Bar
12 a.m.- Mic Phelps @ Como’s
12:30 a.m.- Doc Waffles @ Como’s
1 a.m.- Eddie Logix @ Como’s

Sadie's Picks:
10:15 p.m.- The Hard Lessons @ The Loving Touch
10:30 p.m.- FAWN @ The W.A.B.
11:30 p.m.- Broadzilla @ Small’s

Christie's Picks:
9  p.m.- S.U.B. @ Jumbo's
10:15 p.m.- White Shag @ Small's
11:15  p.m.- The Witches @ The Magic Stick

Sadie & Christie agree that you should see:
9:00 p.m.- Destroy This Place @ The Loving Touch
11:30 p.m.- Jet Rodriguez @ Capo Lounge
11:30 p.m.- Autumn Wolf @ The Old Miami

As you can see, there are a ton of great bands playing this year. So the choices are going to be tough! Luckily, one wristband gets you in to all of these great shows every night. If you haven't purchased yours yet, you can pick one up online here or at any of the venues during the Blowout. For a full schedule of bands playing and all of the info you need on this year's event, head over to MTBlowout.com.


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