Thursday, April 3, 2014

Due North at The Berkley Front with The Dewtons, Honah Lee and Fires In Japan

Due North is one of those great bands that seem to be flying under the radar. Their fans know how talented they are and now we want all of our readers to be aware of it too.

Due North is one of the only bands in the area playing good old punk with a rock and roll twist. The band features Eric Plunkard on vocals and guitar, Jordan Wright on vocals and guitar, Roger Fruin on bass and vocals, and Jordan VonZynda on drums. You can hear their entire first EP and download it for free on their Bandcamp here. They are in the process of putting out their first full length, which is going to released this May. The album will be called Saving Daylight and in preparation for the release the band started a kickstarter to get the money they need to put it out right. What's amazing is that the kickstarter does not end for another 2 weeks and they have already raised almost double what their original goal was. Like I said from the start, their fans know how great they are and have a lot of faith in them. This fundraiser more than proves that. If you would like to get in on that kickstarter you can click here

If you would like to see the band live you can catch them this Sunday, April 6th at The Berkley Front. They will be playing alongside The Dewtons, Honah Lee, and Fires in Japan. The Berkley Front is located at 3087 West 12 Mile Rd. in Berkley and it's only $5 to get in the door. The first band will be playing around 9:30 p.m. and 21 and over are welcome. 


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