Friday, April 11, 2014

The Bruised Reed @ The Berkley Front

This Friday night you have the chance to check out a band that we're sure everyone will be talking about in a few weeks. The Bruised Reed is a duo consisting of Kirsten Wheeler and Josh Wheeler. This band has actually been around for a few years now, with 2 albums under their belt and they were even featured in a Chevy commercial. Although they aren't exactly new to the scene, The Bruised Reed is playing their first show ever this Friday. The husband and wife duet has joined up with a full band and are ready to hit the stage.

Their debut this Friday will be at The Berkley Front with Citizen Smile and DL Rossi. Admission is $5 and 21+ are welcome. After kicking things off this weekend, the band is going big and playing the International Pop Overthrow at the Lager House and then the Metro Times Blowout! That's why we said everyone will be talking about them in a few weeks! So now's your chance to one up the rest of Detroit and be in the know before everyone else. Check out The Bruised Reed on bandcamp and download both of their albums for free, then head out to The Front Friday night to see what this band is all about!


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