Thursday, September 12, 2013

Check Out The Sound Logic at The Shelter and Listen to Their New Song!

Recently we featured a song by The Sound Logic as the soundtrack for our video at The Chop Shop. This is another band that has somehow pulled off a great sound with only two members. Featuring Jeff Knol on vocals & guitar and Yuri Pavlov on drums, this duo has been going at it nonstop playing shows and writing music since they formed the band just about a year ago.

The guys just released a new track a couple of weeks ago, entitled "City Lights". You can check it out below.

The Sound Logic will be playing this Saturday, September 14th at The Shelter. They are opening up for another duet, IAmDynamite. Tickets for this show are only $12 and all ages are welcome. Doors to The Shelter will open at 7 p.m. on Saturday and, in case you don't know already, The Shelter is located below St. Andrew's Hall at 431 East Congress in Detroit (enter around the back). For all of the details on this show check out the Facebook event page here.


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