Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Head to Flint Town for Aerosol and Audio this Saturday!

Tunde has slowly taken over the Detroit scene and become one of the key players in the area. It seems the no matter what kind of music you're normally into you, you're also into Tunde. His voice, live performance, and dancers are simply always on point.

After following him around our city, we decided it's time to head up to his home turf and see him preform in Flint. He has asked some of our favorites to join him, including The Hounds Below, James Linck, Little Animal, and Mic Phelps. They will all be performing with him this Saturday, September 21st at the Aerosol and Audio festival.

This festival has the same feel as DIY in the sense that it is two outdoor stages with food and vendors, but of course its got its own little twist. Aerosol and Audio also features a 400'X30' foot wall that graffiti artists will be live painting throughout the day. They will have public art installations, educational workshops, live tattooing buy New Generation Tattoos, glass blowing by Studio Dutro and lots of music we haven't heard, including Pseudo Slang, Call in the Calvary, Eleanor Quigley, Dirt Shirt, ToneTrezure, One Continuous Happening, Rankin, Bangtown Productions, Earl Grey, and Taurine Dream.

We're going to step outside of our box and head to a new city to see some of our favorite Detroit acts, we're urging you to come along. The festival is located in Memorial Park at 1009 South Grand Traverse Street in Flint, Michigan and it all starts at 11 a.m.


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