Friday, September 6, 2013

Old School Weekend at Small's with The Dictators NYC and Angry Samoans

This Friday and Saturday Small's is hosting two awesome shows that are a bit "old school". Actually, we stole that phrase from Small's themselves. They are calling this their Old School Weekend and offering a 2 day ticket for Friday and Saturday's shows for the low price of $20.

It kicks off Friday night when you can check out The Dictators NYC along with Detroit's own Ricky Rat, Bill Bondsmen, and The Dewtons. The Dictators NYC are 3 of the 5 members of the original band The Dictators. They're heading out on a short four day tour, with the other three stops in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Chicago.  We're lucky that they chose to make Detroit one of those 4, so don't miss out on this chance to see these guys! But, even if you aren't interested in seeing The Dictators NYC, Bill Bondsmen, The Dewtons and Ricky Rat are reason enough to head out to this show. Tickets for this Friday night alone are $14 at the door and all ages are welcome. 
Saturday night's lineup is also pretty incredible with Angry Samoans, Downtown Brown, The Amino Acids, and The Farleys. We'll keep it short by saying that Angry Samoans are a punk rock band formed in the late 70s that have kept at it until  present day with some lineup changes here and there. Along the way they toured all over the place and shared the stage with bands like Black Flag and Subhumans. If you want a more in depth bio of Angry Samoans, the band has all the details you need to know on their Facebook page here. Their story is pretty impressive to say the least. Speaking of impressive, the local support on this show is not to be missed! All three of the opening bands are great and The Amino Acids always put on a hell of a show (not to play favorites or anything ). Tickets to just Saturday night's show are also $14 at the door and all ages can get in to this one too!

So, you know you are going to end up going to both of these shows anyways. Why not save yourself 8 bucks and buy the Old School Weekend Ticket? You can purchase these special two day passes at or you can pick them up at the venue. 

Small's is located at 10339 Conant in Hamtramck.


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