Monday, September 30, 2013

Win Tickets to See Dead Ending with Hellmouth, Snakewing and From Hell!

When Jay Navarro of The Suicide Machines stepped away from his punk rock roots and up to the mic to front Hellmouth, one of the hardest and heaviest bands that Detroit had ever seen, I was more than a little shocked. What happen to the man who just wanted to sing about his New Girl? That man had seemingly grown up, gone through some shit, and wanted to scream about it. The fact that Justin from Fordirelifesake and Jeff from Left in Ruin were also in the band just sweetened the deal and made it clear that this project was going to be something to pay attention to.

It is fitting that Hellmouth will play with Dead Ending this Thursday at The Magic Stick because this band has also been formed by those with some very rich music roots. It's one of those projects that you haven't heard about yet, but once you hear the lineup of talent that has formed this band your interest will at least be peaked. Dead Ending is composed of Vic Bondi from Articles of Faith, Jeff Dean from All Eyes West, Derek Grant from The Suicide Machines and Alkaline Trio, and Joe Principe from Rise Against. They too seem to be angry about something and just need to get it out. They describe their sound as no frills 80s influenced hardcore and with one of the best drummers in the world (in my humble opinion) they seriously couldn't have went wrong. They have only released 2 EPs so far, but are in the process of recording and releasing their first full length. This band echoes the same anti-government and anti-capitalism ideals that Hellmouth has been known to scream about and does it just as heavy and as hard.

The show starts at 8 p.m. and is $10 in advance (purchase tickets at or $13 at the door on the day of the show. Joining Hellmouth and Dead Ending on the bill are Snakewing and From Hell. All ages are welcome and Black Iris Booking has given us the opportunity to get one lucky person (and a friend of their choosing) in for free. Thursday morning we will be choosing one ticket winner to have their name on the guest list +1. All you have to do to enter is email your full name to with the subject line Dead Ending.

After the show there is a bonus performance down at the Garden Bowl featuring Dirty Kid Discount. This event will be free to all those that are 18+ so as soon as the music ends upstairs head downstairs to keep the party going!


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