Monday, September 16, 2013

Brush Park BMX Fall Clean Up!!! (Come Help!)

Photo Courtesy of Brush Park BMX's Facebook

At the beginning of the summer we told you about a DIY BMX park that local riders had dug out from the overgrown hell hole that the piece of land had become. This park is located on Adelaide and Brush and was informally renamed Brush Park BMX by those involved with the project. For a few weeks straight people worked tirelessly to clean out the space and build ramps and jumps. We even collected a few picnic tables, planted flowers and turned the space into someplace you would want to be. Some of us have used it as a BMX park over the summer and some of us have used it to have coffee, eat lunch, or just hangout in the city on a nice day. But, the summer is coming to an end and that little park needs a little love before the ground freezes over.

We are calling all of our readers to action and asking you to join us at Brush Park this Sunday, September 22nd at 11 a.m. to get the park in order. We need people to cut the grass and get rid of the weeds, but there's a catch. We need tools to use to do this. Do you own a gas powered lawnmower or weed cutter? If so, we would really appreciate the use of that device for a day! The people that generally work on the park would try to purchase these items, but have no way to store them and keep them safe. So we need to come together for one day and get it done. That is unless anyone has a locked shed laying around that they can donate to the cause, that would be a game changer!

Even if you do not have electric tools, you have two arms and that, my friend, is just as good (one arm people also welcome to be clear). Throw on some work clothes and bring some trash bags and we can dig up the weeds with our hands if we have to. This way we can clean up the park before the cold weather hits and be ahead of the game to reopen it when the summer of 2014 hits. Please join us and let's work together to keep this DIY BMX park for years to come. Plus, the weather hasn't changed yet, we still have a few more weeks to enjoy the park! Brush park is located at 256 Adelaide, Detroit, Michigan 48201. See you Sunday!


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