Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Celebrating 100 Years of Everyone's Favorite Bowling Alley and Bar!

The Garden Bowl and The Majestic Complex in general is somewhere most of us have been going for years. Whether you're checking out a show, throwing back a few drinks with friends, or throwing a few balls down the lanes, it is a staple to many Detroiters. I know I always tell out-of-towners it's one of the places they have to check out during their visit. And regardless of if you are headed to The Stick, The Majestic Theatre, or The Cafe, chances are you will end your night in the Garden Bowl. It's been over a decade since I started going to the Garden Bowl and in that time I have created countless memories at this place. Although it seems like our generation is the foundation of this establishment, it's hard to believe that it has been around since far before our time.

This Saturday, September 28th, the Garden Bowl is celebrating its 100th Anniversary.  It's crazy to think about how many balls have rolled down the lanes and beers have been shared between friends over that many years. The Garden Bowl first opened its doors in August of 1913 and has hosted a variety of different classes and cultures during its run. It remains the oldest operating bowling alley in America. That's pretty astonishing. Just think about it; think of all of the people this place has seen and all of the changes that have gone on outside its doors. As cliche as it sounds, "if those walls could talk", or in this case those lanes.

The Centennial Celebration of the Garden Bowl includes a full day of events this Saturday. Starting at 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.the doors will be open to families with cartoons on the tvs, bounce houses, coloring, and bowling deals for $10 a person, which includes 2 hours of bowling, 2 slices of pizza, cookies, and shoe rental. Pretty great deal. Once the kiddies get their fill of sugar and bouncing, the adult fun begins. At 5 p.m. 'til 8 there will be Retro Bowl that is only $5 a person for an hour of bowling, pizza, cookies, and even complimentary cocktails! Then, after 8 starts the part of the party we think a lot of you will be the most excited about, the Big Lebowski & King Pin Costume Contest and Film Screenings! There will also be drink specials, appetizers, and of course, bowling. There will be live music in the bar area and DJ Jeff Richards will be playing some tunes. Regardless of what time you make it down to the Garden Bowl, it will be one hell of a party.

We are thrilled to have the chance to celebrate 100 years of this truly awesome establishment. It is a place that is near and dear to our hearts that we have celebrated at, remembered fallen friends at, made new friends, seen great bands, and had one too many drinks at one too many times. It is a place that you can always see a familiar face and always have a good time. We are thrilled to have so much of our history take place at this historical staple in Detroit. Here's to the Garden Bowl and 100 more years!


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