Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Small Steps to Making a Big Difference at Brush Park BMX

This past Sunday, Christie and I spent the day at Brush Park doing fall cleanup. After a long summer of riding, hanging out, and relaxing at Brush Park the place needed a facelift before the winter weather hits. We cut down, picked up, and cleared as much debris as we could and filled quite a few lawn disposal bags. I was disappointed with the turnout, but was impressed with how much a few people can get done if they work together. But, a few hours in I was starting to become tired and a little discouraged, after all we were cutting down big weeds and mini trees with a few old metal clippers one by one.

All of the sudden a family pulled up and asked if this was the BMX park, I replied that it was and 4 or 5 kids all emptied out of the back with bikes. The children aged from the ages of 3 to about 10 and they tried as hard as they could to ride the course. Their parents said they had read about the park online and wanted to come down and see what it was about. They were bummed that no one else was riding because they were hoping to see how it was done, but we're happy that their kids got a chance to try the course. After about an hour some of the BMX guys took a break from working and jumped on their bikes to show the kids how it was done. I'm pretty sure that this made their day and will be something that they talk about with their friends all week.
I swear sometimes life throws things at you to help remind you why you what it's all about. My discouragement turned into joy when I remembered that this DIY park could be here a lot longer if we keep it up and treat it right. BMX still brings kids together and gets them outside doing something active, and the fact that they were coming from the burbs to the city only added to the hope that this park has given me.

Brush Park still needs a lot of help, just like the city of Detroit. If you or your friends have a few hours to spare, head up there with some lawn bags and do a little clean up. Believe me, the regulars at the park could use the help. You don't need to come to the official cleanup to work in the park and to make a difference. But, in the larger sense, this reminded me that no matter how negative everyone else is, we will continue to stay positive and keep cutting down the weeds one by one because in the end a small group of people can make a big difference if they just work together.

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