Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Finally Caught Kyle From Wilson Shredding From The Ceiling!

I have been ranting and raving about Wilson ever since I saw then at the beginning of 2012. I saw them play to a few kids at some shit hole venue in Warren and when singer Chad Nicefield came out banging on a bass drum during their last song, I was hooked. Being a former marching band nerd that bass drum has always been one of my favorite instruments and seeing a bearded weirdo bash it to hell in the middle of a metal set was awesome. 

In the past year we got to sponsor a show with them at the Pike Room (easily one of my favorite local shows this year) and we saw them kill it at the St. Andrew's with Every Avenue. Not every band goes from playing a shit hole bar to St. Andy’s in one year but somehow these bad asses did. 

From shooting toilet paper off the stage at Dirt Fest to watching Kyle scale the walls at every venue that he is able to, this band has entertained me throughout the last year. The music is great by itself but there is something about the energy and the light show when this band plays live that really enhances the music and sucks you in. When Wilson plays, they party.  When you watch them you end up partying too. On top of being fun to watch they have a great drummer Matt Puhy keeping the band in check. To me a great drummer and lead singer can make or break the band, and in this case neither let you down.

In 2013 they will release new music and continue their quest for world domination, but for now I implore you to watch this video from the show Sunday night. I went with one purpose, get Kyle Landry shredding on his guitar while he hangs upside down from the rafters. I've seen him do it a few times and we have never caught it on tape. So here is the amazing Wilson killing it at Small's, complete with some hijinks and 5 of the most talented bearded weirdos this city has ever seen. 

2013 will be the year of the party animals! This is Detroit rock city at its best. 


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