Monday, January 14, 2013

Lost Years @ Corktown Tavern Friday

Capeside Records presents Lost Years at Corktown Tavern this Saturday January 19th at 9 p.m. They are celebrating their latest record which was released on January 8th, called Play The Guitar Drunk Until Your Fingers Begin To Bleed A Bit; Acoustic Renditions & B-Sides

Capeside teamed up with Backroads With Phyllis, Love Sick Tattoo Parlor and Roshambo Promo to bring you performances by Lost Years, The Scenery, Cities and Years, Last Action Hero and Mayor Mayor. This show is only $6 at the door and the first 25 people in the door will get a free clipper ship cinch sack from Capeside Records. 

Lost Years are from Gary, Indiana and this release will be their second album. The Scenery are from downriver and were one of the better bands that we saw at Dirt Fest this past summer. You can check out their EP, It's Only Weather, on iTunes. Cities and Years are from Detroit and their latest EP, Nothing to Show is also available on iTunes. Last Action Hero hails from Detroit and do not have a formal release yet, but any of the songs that they have on their facebook or bandcamp are available to download for free! Finally, Mayor Mayor is from Warren and describes themselves as “a post hardcore act that bring the energy of a main stage warped tour act to the local scene.”

Altogether this promises to be a great show with great sponsors and great music. 

We asked Lost Years a few questions about this event to see what they had to say about their new album, the city of Detroit and the ever important decision, ass or titties?

hipindetroit- Why should someone come see you play live? 

Lost Years- We're all about a good time. No bullshit or anything like that. Hopefully you'll come out and enjoy what you hear, but regardless we make sure everyone is getting sauced up and having fun.

hipindetroit- Have you ever played in Detroit before? If so what was your favorite part about Detroit? If not, what are you expecting? I love to see how newcomers perceive our city. 

Lost Years- We were scheduled to play in Detroit back in August for a 10 day tour but our van broke down in New Buffalo, MI and we had to cancel the whole trip. So, no we haven't but we are excited about it. We've been to Detroit though. Parkes and I are Wings fans so we are waiting to see if the wings will be playing a home game the 20th and if so we are definitely catching that before we head home!

hipindetroit- If you had to describe your sound to someone that has never heard you
before, what would you say?

Lost Years- Indie/Punk but since we are playing a couple shows to support an acoustic album we released I'd say gritty, folk, rock.

hipindetroit- What is your ideal pizza order?

Lost Years- Supreme pizza Chicago style

hipindetroit- Most important question- is it all about the ass or tits?

Lost Years- We'd prefer both but not everyone is that blessed. That ass doh.

The Corktown Tavern is located at 1716 Michigan Ave., Detroit. Hope to see you there!


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