Monday, January 14, 2013

Videos of The Swellers From Fusion Shows' 5 Year Anniversary

Fusion Shows celebrated their 5 year anniversary as a booking titan in Michigan this past Saturday at The Crofoot. Nine bands played to a sold out crowd and cake lined the walls free to all those that attended the event. 

The highlights of the night for me were The Swellers and La Dispute, both bands played to the packed house and had the entire floor of the ballroom moving around. The event ran smoothly and we had a wonderful time. 

Thanks to Fusion Shows for always booking solid shows and bring great bands through Detroit.

Here are three videos from The Swellers' set for those of you that missed the party. Huge shout out to them for playing my favorite track “Hands" and a happy 30th birthday to Ryan who plays guitar for the band. After you check out the videos, don't forget to download The Swellers latest EP “Running Out of Places to Go.

Thanks to Matt Moy for the videos!


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