Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Don't Miss The International FAFDET Event This Friday

Boy, Free Art Friday Detroit is really getting big! So big that it is going global! In the past year, FAFDET has had artists and collectors from all over the world participate and this Friday, they are having a special international edition of the scavenger hunt.
Throughout the past month, FAFDET has been collecting pieces from artists from places as far away as Brazil and the United Kingdom. There will be more than 25 pieces of artwork from all over the world hidden around Detroit by 6 p.m. this Friday. As always, clues to where the pieces are hidden will be on their Facebook page and their Twitter with the hashtag #FAFDET.

Sara Frey, the organizer of FAFDET, has a goal to unite the art community here at home as well as abroad. I can't wait to see all the pieces from abroad this Friday. It will be interesting to see how they differ from things at home. If you like the idea of the International Free Art Friday event, next month FAFDET will be contributing art to a similar event in London. Detroit organizers have been working with London organizers to develop a sustainable Free Art Friday community internationally. Pretty cool!

If you want to learn more about FAFDET, you can read our interview with Sara Frey from Skidmore Studio here. It really is a great event going on in Detroit. Who doesn't love free art with the added bonus of a scavenger hunt? Make sure to keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter for other events, to find clues and see some of the past finds! Detroit artists are pretty talented.


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