Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Talented James Link @ The New Dodge This Past Weekend

In case you haven't noticed yet Christie, Becca and I have very different tastes in music and hobbies. It is rare that we all really enjoy the same artist, and when we do it's exciting because we know that it will appeal to more of our readers. 
This weekend at the New Dodge Lounge, we saw James Linck perform and all three of us couldn't have enjoyed ourselves more. James Linck is a local musician who is on the heels of releasing his first EP with his latest, self-titled project. 

You may remember James from some of his previous work including House Phone and James and the Rainbros. He is the kind of guy who comes off as kind-hearted and shy and then gets on stage and eludes such a presence that the room is immediately taken over by him. I haven't fallen so hard and so fast for an artist in a long time. 

I made sure that we got a chance to talk to him and record a song for you because once you hear and see James, I know that you will be hooked. 

All three of us here at Hip can't say enough great things about him and I cannot wait until he releases this album because I know you won't be disappointed. The hype that I am creating is justified, I promise. 

Keep checking the site for updates on shows and make sure to come out. There is a good chance that all three of us will be there because this is one album/artist that will not be taken out of daily rotation for the foreseeable future.


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