Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cabin 44 - Not Your Typical Cabin in the Woods

A few months ago Bahamut released their latest album at The Berkley Front and Christie from Hip in Detroit brought along our camera to get some footage for the website. When we got to the show we felt lame taking film on our personal camera when there were huge, high quality cameras shooting from all angles in front of the stage. We were both curious and intrigued. Who owned these fancy cameras and why were they filming Bahamut? After the show we found out that the guys were from a video production company that Aaron Smith and Kyle Gleisner had just recently formed, called Cabin 44. Aaron actually lives in a cabin in Pleasant Ridge, hence the name.  

The duo had just finished up their first music video shoot with Squid The Whale which inspired them to the test the waters with a live band. They first started the company thinking they would shoot sketch comedy, but found that live music and music videos was more their forte. This is their first video with Squid The Whale:

Here's the video that the guys shot of Bahamut live at The Berkley Front. It is the closest to a live Bahamut experience that I have ever witnessed! They make a small dimly lit room look like a very cool place to be.

Bahamut Live at the Berkley Front from Cabin 44 on Vimeo.

After having so much success with their first music video and the live shoot, they decided that Cabin 44 would focus on music, specifically local Detroit musicians. Over the course of the next year they shot a music video with  The High Strung, filmed Snakewing live at The Grasshopper Underground, filmed a commercial for Vile featuring Wilson, shot The Summer Pledge live, shot a music video with Duende, and started making monthly videos called "Cabin 44 Presents". You can check out a couple of those below.

CABIN 44 presents JESSE SHEPHERD-BATES from D'ORCHESTRA from Cabin 44 on Vimeo.

Cabin 44 presents Banshee Murmurs from Cabin 44 on Vimeo.

These guys had a very busy first year to say the least and they are already ready to release their first video for 2013 with another local band we have featured called FUR. This video was filmed in one night and tells a story and takes you on a visual journey, as do most of the videos that they shoot. Aaron tried to tell me a bunch of technical terms for what they did in the video, but what really matters is that the video looks and sounds amazing. We have an incredible amount of respect for these guys and what they are doing. Every video is really original, well done, and features some of the best music Detroit has to offer. Take a look at their latest work with FUR and we promise to keep you updated on what these guys do next! 


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