Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Celebrate Five Years of Fusion Shows

This Saturday at The Crofoot, Fusion Shows will be celebrating their 5th Birthday with a huge show. The line-up includes La Dispute, The Swellers, Into It. Over It., Cheap Girls, Mixtapes, Pentimento, Pity Sex, Koji and Tiger! Tiger! All of these great bands will be playing 2 stages within The Crofoot Complex and it's only $13. 

Fusion Shows was started back in 2008 by co-owners Nate Dorough and Irving Ronk. They are based in the Lansing area, but they promote and book shows throughout the state. Fusion Shows has grown over the past 5 years and now they have a whole slew of people working for them. You can check out all of their fun bios here. We've gone to quite a few Fusion Shows in the past and talked with the guys a couple of times, but I wanted to find out a little more about the company and their big bash coming up this weekend. So, I caught up with their own Scotty Bell.

Hip In Detroit - Tell us about Fusion Shows. What are you guys all about? How did you get your start?
Scott - "Fusion Shows was started by Nate Dorough and Irving Ronk and it has turned into one of the top DIY concert promoters in Michigan. Our first calling is going above and beyond for our state when it comes to booking as many quality musical acts. Our existence is that direct response you get from some misinformed people that 'Nothing fun happens in Michigan'. 
The main thing that separates us from the huge corporate promotions companies out there is we don't charge you any extra fees when you buy pre-sale concert tickets from us. When you buy a $10 ticket to see a band, then $10 is all you're going to pay. Period. We've put a stake in Michigan as our home state, so don't expect us to be going anywhere any time soon."

Hip In Detroit - Tell us about your Birthday Bash! How did you pick the bands? Can you tell us a little bit about the bands and what you have planned for the night?
Scott - "Everyone involved with Fusion Shows has been ingrained in our respective scenes for a lot longer then 5 years. So I guess you'd have to just say the birthday show is like our 5th wedding anniversary to Michigan music. Not sure if anyone other then Nate received wedding bands yet though?
When you hit the milestone we have you want to celebrate it with close friends. So naturally we'd call in some of the hardest working and touring bands in our state. La Dispute, The Swellers and Cheap Girls were all no brainers. Aside from bands, we've kicked around the idea of having some balloon animals or maybe a pony that kids can ride around the pit once or twice. You know real 5th birthday kind of stuff! Maybe a bouncy castle?"

Hip In Detroit - Do you guys have any big shows coming up that you're excited about? Other than your Birthday Show of course.
Scott - "All I can say is that 2013 promises to be even wilder then we even expected. You'll have to stay tuned!"

We can't wait for the show this weekend. Awesome line-up at a great venue. Tickets are available through fusionshows.com and are only $13. Not a penny more! Head over to their website to check out what other shows they have coming to town. And if you're up for the drive, head out to Mac's Bar or The Loft in Lansing, two great venues! While you're on their website, make sure to take a second to check out their music player too. All of us at Hip In Detroit would like to wish Fusion Shows a Happy 5th Birthday! Thanks for everything you do for the Michigan music scene! 


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