Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The October Academy Offers Eerie Illustrations and Clean Cut Graphic Design

If you're a fan of horror films and overall spooky stuff, then you need to check out The October Academy. Artist Stephen Vincent uses this hub to share all of his creative works, from illustration to graphic design. Vincent incorporates characters from your favorite horror films along with creations from his own mind into his works of art. He recently just launched a new website and instagram where you can check out his artwork as well as order merch. He has even been giving away some merch to his instagram followers, so make sure you give him a follow @the_october_academy!
In addition to Vincent's one of a kind spooky designs, The October Academy also offers graphic design, including logo designs, event posters and more. To learn more about The October Academy and see everything that it has to offer, head over October.Academy, and make sure you also give it a "like" on Facebook too! 


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