Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Reuther Wants to Make Sure that You Don't Miss "Last Call"

One of my favorite ways to beat the winter blues is to listen to some uplifting music that reminds me that better times are ahead. Reuther's new LP is one of those uplifting albums that will help pull you out of your funk and get you dancing your way into the summer. Yesterday, they released a new song and music video for the single "Last Call" off their impending LP Like a Ghost, and they will be breaking in the new Sancturary in Hamtramck on April 28th at their album release show. But for now, we reached out to Dan and Jimmy to find out more about the band, the album, and where they plan to go from here. Check out what they had to say and then give their new single a listen. It's the perfect dose of pop punk to cheer you up and help you beat the winter blues!

HID- Where did the band name Reuther come from?
Dan- "Our name comes from Walter P. Reuther, The Labor Union leader of the mid 20th century. He was a big deal with United Auto Workers (UAW), which obviously had a huge presence in Detroit. In fact, I-696 is named after him."
Jimmy- "We felt like the name is unique and has a great tie to the city. So many hours logged between the three of us on that freeway."

HID- Why did you decide to release this LP with Ontario based Get Party Records?
Dan- "Well, they've had many great releases of bands we know, Specifically Snacks? and Wasted Potential. It was a very long process speaking with numerous labels and so many getting rejections or just non-responses and those guys really dug us from the beginning and wanted to make it happen. I do have to also give credit to our Publicist, Lauren Mills ( She did a lot of great work for one of my other bands, Splitters, and we're excited to work with her again. She always manages to get the bands she represents on great publications."
Jimmy- "The Get Party guys have been really supportive and it felt like a good fit. It's more so of a co-release though with Get Party pushing it in Canada and our own company that we started, Too Hype! Music, handling the US side of things."

HID- Where did you record the new LP?
Dan- "Our record was recorded last year at Drifting Sun Studios in Ferndale. Our good friend Chuck Huber runs the place and does excellent work. His other recent records were with Cheapshow and Due North. He's also just a great friend of ours - He officiated my wedding! Also, it was mastered at Drive Studios in Ontario - Great studio that has done work with my favorite band, The Flatliners - Which is why we went with them."
Jimmy- "Chuck does great work and I'm proud of the things he's done with Drifting Sun. It's relaxing to record with one of your best friends. I think at times we over stayed our welcome though lol."

HID- Were the songs written when you went in the studio or did you create them while you were there?
Dan- "Little bit of both, the songs were definitely "done" before we got in there, but as it often goes, things like lyrics needed some twerking and some other minor things needed to be banged out. All in all, the songs ended up sounding how we intended before we got in there."
Jimmy- "The structure of the songs were all there, but there are a couple that I revamped lyrically during the process. It really worked out well and am excited for people to hear the album."

HID- How would you describe the bands writing process, who usually starts things off and how do you turn that into a song?
Dan- "Jim usually comes to us like, "Hey check out this riff" and we play it and, like, an hour or so later we have a general structure done and just tweak it from there. Lyrics usually come after. After playing it at rehearsals and adding lyrics, the initial structure is about 70% what it was previously was with all the changes. It works for us!"
Jimmy- "I'd describe the process as relaxed. Usually I'll bring a guitar part to the guys, sometimes with a lyric idea, and then we'll just jam on it to see where it ends up. Jordan and Dan throw in their ideas and then the song just starts to morph."

HID- Do you plan to tour when this album is released?

Dan- "Absolutely. We have numerous release shows getting booked in Grand Rapids, Kzoo, Detroit and London, ON (That's where our label is located). Getting tours set when you're more or less starting out like this can be difficult, but we've done it before and we'll do it again. Jim, Jordan and I toured a lot before together with previous bands."

HID- Will you do a big local release show?

Dan- "April 28th at the NEW Sanctuary in Hamtramck. Our good friend Maxxwell is putting us up for it and is very excited to have us - I'm really fuckin' stoked to see his new place. The way he talks about it, it will be amazing. By that time, we'll have Vinyl pressed and the record will be full on out for everyone to enjoy. We're still getting a few details confirmed and will announce more about it in the coming weeks."

HID- What's your personal favorite track of the LP and why?
Dan- "Oooooo.... hard one. I'll give you two. First off, 'Tuxedos and Jet Skis'. The name comes from the P.Diddy video where he literally is being a baller and riding a jet ski in a tuxedo. When Jim and I first put the song together, we just kept asking ourselves "How would Diddy do this?" and laughing about the concept in general. We have a grand concept for a video for it, in which we will also be riding jet skis in tuxedos on Lake St. Clair or something. That will take some generous funding, hopefully Diddy will come through. Secondly, I really love the song "Last Call". It's just a blast of a song, pretty short and just doesn't fuck around. It was also quite difficult to record on my part... It's just really fast. But as far as how it turned out, I'm really happy with it." 
Jimmy- "That's tough to pick just one. For me it's between "So Predictable" and "Last Call" because I can relate to them a lot lyrically. I feel like these songs are a good representation of our growth as a band too."

HID- What song are you most looking forward to playing live?

Dan- "In general, just all of it. Some of these songs we've never played live before, just at rehearsal and in studio. If they go half as well as they did in Studio, I'll be quite happy."
Jimmy- "I agree with Dan, all of them. We grew up on energetic pop punk and feel these songs capture that vibe."

HID- Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?
Dan- "My car has caught on fire on numerous occasions and I don't really know what to do about it. Advice would be appreciated."
Jimmy- "I have no advice for Dan. Someone please help him!"


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