Friday, February 23, 2018

Oh Hi, "The Room" is Playing at the Main Art this Weekend

The Room is notoriously known as the worst movie ever made. Made in 2003, the film was written, directed, produced by and starring Tommy Wiseau. The film mainly centers around the betrayal of Wiseau's character, Johnny, by his fiance and best friend. However, although the plot seems rather straight forward, more often than not, The Room's audience is left wondering what they just spent the last hour and a half watching.

Although The Room has been quite popular over the years, with a cult following, the movie went mainstream this past year when James Franco released The Disaster Artist, a film based on the book that told the story behind The Room and the making of the movie. Wiseau began appearing on late night and day time talk shows alongside Franco, and more and more people knew what The Room is and felt the need to watch this movie.

Well, if you feel the need to watch The Room too, you can catch it on the big screen this weekend at the Main Art Theatre. The theatre will be playing The Room as their Midnight Madness movie this weekend, on Friday and Saturday night. Tickets for the show are only $7 and can be purchased in advance here. You probably want to pick up your tickets in advance because even though this might be the worst movie of all time, it's so bad that it's good, and we would be surprised if these showings don't sell out. To purchase your tickets in advance, click here.


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