Monday, February 12, 2018

Hip in Detroit Must Listen: RareWolf

Throughout the last 6 years, we have covered tons of great bands and watched them morph into new bands and new projects. Every time one band ends, another one is born, and most of the time the new project is even better than the last. Lauren Long and Costa Dedes are two of those special artists that we have followed throughout their musical careers. Costa played in FlashClash, one of our favorite bands when this website started, and Lauren sang for Seven Birds One Stone and has one of the most amazing voices that we have ever heard. Together they have created RareWolf and after some time and some tinkering, they are finally released their first EP together and we want to let you guys in on a little secret, it's really good.

You can listen to the EP and judge for yourself here. Or you can head up to Ghost Light in Hamtramck and catch them live alongside Damn the Witch Siren, Odd Hours, Dental Work and JRAE this Friday While your listening to the tracks, check out what Costa and Lauren had to say about the new music to get the inside scoop on this awesome duo.

HID- Where did you record the five-song EP?
RareWolf- "We recorded our five-song EP, “Out of the Woods”, with the amazingly talented sound engineer and producer Dilan Wade, at his studio “Tapwater Productions”, located in the Elevator Building in Detroit. We love the studio’s super chill/zen vibe and the professional, top-of-the-line quality product that is produced there. Costa has been working with Dilan since he played with his last band, FlashClash, and has developed an incredible partnership with him. He has continued to work with him for all of his projects from that point on. We are currently working with Dilan and TapWater Productions on our 2nd album."

HID-How would you describe the sound of the new songs to someone who hasn’t heard them yet?
RareWolf- "The album has a smooth and scintillating synth-pop style that will make you feel like the true sexy animal you are! The music is clean and crispy with playful synth lines and reminiscence of 80’s new-wave dance music, while the lyrics preach a message of staying true to your fine, sassy self and living life to the fullest! “Out of the Woods” is the perfect album for you to blast in your car this spring with the windows down and the volume up!"

HID-Is there any meaning behind the band’s name? If so, what?

RareWolf- "The name RareWolf has a simple meaning, which is to stay grounded and true to yourself amidst all of the chaos surrounding you in this world. You are a rare and wild animal, living in a pack amongst other animals, but YOU are the only YOU.  Every choice you make builds the pages you are writing to create your story, so make it a hell of an adventure and stay RARE!"

HID- Why did you and Costa decide to work together?
RareWolf- "Sometimes the world puts two people together in the right place at the right time.  One door closes and another opens, right?  Costa and I were both passionate members of bands that we absolutely loved (Costa of “FlashClash” and Lauren of “Seven Birds One Stone”), and both of those projects wrapped-up around the same time.  I had just recently started the band RareWolf and was in need of another member, and Costa had still not yet chosen a new permanent position in a band.  When I heard he was available, I immediately called him and that’s when the magic happened!  Costa had actually been at the very first RareWolf show, to show support for the new band and for his awesome girlfriend and fellow performer, JRAE, who was opening for us that night.  He loved the direction the band was headed I and decided to be the other half of the duo!  I think we make one hell of a team and I’m really excited to see what direction this project takes!"

HID- When is your next RareWolf show?  Will you have physical copies of your album available?
RareWolf- "We have an upcoming show on February 16th, at Ghost Light in Hamtramck.  RareWolf is featuring one of our fave local rappers, JRAE, on our set, and will be playing with Odd Hours and Dental Work who are both terrific local Detroit bands, as well as Damn the Witch Siren, a sexy & seductive witch-pop band,  represented by Baddest Bitch Records, located out of Columbus, Ohio.  Damn the Witch Siren is “known for their live performances which are filled with choreographed dance moves, seizure-inducing visuals, and a buzzing of cacophony of arpeggios and blunt electronic beats.” With all the talent and sass on the bill, this should be an awesome and rambunctious show!  We will have physical copies of “Out of the Woods” available at our show for $5!"

HID- What is next for the band?
RareWolf- "We are currently 3 songs deep into our next album that we are recording at TapWater productions in Detroit, and are scheduling spring and summer shows for 2018.  We got the opportunity to play some amazing events last year, some of which were the Barefoot and Free Yoga and Music Festival at Proud Lake, the End of Summer Outdoor Party Bash at The Old Miami, the Pin-Up III Art and Variety Show at the Tangent Gallery, and the Waterloo Arts Festival in Waterloo, Ohio, which was a killer festival!  I really dig playing the festival scene and hope to land some good slots again this year for 2018.  We also have some venue shows lined up with some really talented acts, which we will be announcing soon.  Overall, the goal this year is to have fun playing and promoting our new album and to meet and network with as many people as possible through shows and events locally and non-locally to continue to spread our music and keep creating!"

RareWolf Note:
We want to take a moment and sincerely thank those who have supported our RareWolf journey thus far.  We truly pour every ounce of creativity we have into our craft of music and it is so rewarding when we see or hear about someone enjoying the product we work so hard on.   When you make music, you can’t expect people to like it.  You can only hope that what you have created speaks to someone or helps them in some way, whether that be through simply putting a smile on their face, or by being there with them during a dark time and reminding them that they are not alone on their journey.  Costa and I go through ups and downs all the time, and you can hear that in our music.  Sometimes, we need to remove ourselves from our own reality for a moment and pretend that we are ballers, chillen in roof-top pools drinking top-shelf booze.  And other times, we need to submerge ourselves in our own reality by writing a song about a friend that passed away to help us through the emotional battle.  Music is our weapon, and we are using it to fight our way through this crazy thing called life.  Our RareWolf motto is, “We Run in a Pack”, and we truly believe that.  We are all trying to figure out our role in this big, wild, confusing world, and if RareWolf can add some light to any part of that equation through sharing our music, then we are honored to contribute to a happy and healthy existence for all.


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