Monday, February 12, 2018

Find out What's Hip From The Dropout

The Dropout is one of our favorite up and coming acts in Detroit. He's always doing something interesting and he really knows his way around a saxophone. He's also always releasing something new, which makes him a fun artist to follow. A few weeks ago he put out a new song with his old partner in crime NYDGE (currently opening for the Queen Flint Eastwood on tour) called "Old Parts, New Beginning". You can listen to that track here.

He is also releasing a new music video with our friends over at Obscura Broadcasting Company for the single. In honor of the new video, we reached out to The Dropout to ask him a few questions about what's hip with him these days. Check out what he has to say and give the new video a watch.

HID- Who or what is The Dropout?
The Dropout- "Just a high school dropout, making bleep bloops on a laptop, and toot toots on the saxophone. It’s my breakaway solo project from my old band ‘Nigel & The Dropout’. I liked the moniker so I kept it!"

HID- Your new single "Old Parts, New Beginning" was just released, it what can you tell us about it?
The Dropout- "It’s a single off an upcoming EP with the same name, it’s an uplifting breakup anthem which will close out the EP. This release will be my version of the archetypal love story (spoiler alert: it doesn’t work out). It’s tonally very aggressive, but also major key. I want to get across the feeling of leaving the monotony and comfort of a dysfunctional relationship, a tinge of anxiety layered with an overwhelmingly positive sense of hope and excitement for new experiences."

HID- Why did you decide to team up with your former partner Nydge for this single "Old Parts, New Beginning"? 
The Dropout- "Funny story, this is actually a very old collaboration. Originally started writing this as a ‘Nigel & The Dropout’ track, but based on our new focus towards solo projects we decided to release it in this new context. With most of the songs on the EP, they’re very pop-friendly, which doesn’t fit as much into what the old band was doing anyway."

HID- Will you be releasing more music throughout 2018? What can we expect?
The Dropout- "Yes! I can’t say too much on specific release dates at this moment, but a lot of exciting things are in the works. You can hear a sneak preview of what's to come at the live show!
I’ve been heavily inspired the past year with a lot of whats happening in EDM and Pop culture. I’m making my effort to capture the energy that those live shows have and merge it with my favorite parts of other genres like Indie and Rock music.The next big show will be a tour kickoff show at El Club on March 9th!"

HID- What's your perfect night out in the city look like these days?
The Dropout- "Unfortunately, in the winter time it looks a lot more like a late night-in, with my studio equipment and a full pot of coffee. In the summer it’s just about anywhere outside with loud music, a bonfire, and good friends. If I had to pick a spot though, it would definitely be a weekday night at Motor City Wine, sipping on Sake and listening to some talented dudes shredding through jazz music like you wouldn’t believe. Every once in a while I’ll find myself at a banger of a party in Detroit, but I like to save my mojo for when festival season hits and then completely unleash :)"

HID- When do you write music? Do you have any writing rituals?
The Dropout- "Constantly, and it’s just about a different process every time. I can say confidently that every single song I’ve ever written has a completely unique process, and I think that’s what keeps it fresh and challenging!"

HID- What bands are you listening to these days?

The Dropout- 
‘Too Many Zooz’ for the horns.
‘Flamingosis’ for the beats.
‘Sampha’ for the voice.
‘!!!’ for the funk.

HID- What is the best live show you saw last year and why?

The Dropout- "LCD Soundsystem hands down. A few years back I was lucky enough to travel to Barcelona and see them at Primavera, and this year we got lucky enough to see them in our own backyard at Masonic Temple. One of my favorite acts for too many reasons to count, if you were there, you just know."

HID- What is your favorite local venue to catch a show these days?

The Dropout- "I always like to say it’s not about where you are, it’s about who you’re with!
With that said, I would have to say El Club. Their production is incredible, they book great music, and the food is as dank as it gets."

HID- Where do you see The Dropout a year from now?
The Dropout- "That is a great question :) LET'S FIND OUT"


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