Friday, March 11, 2016

Purgatory: A Cinematic Exploration of the Soul

For the sixth year in a row The Purgatory show will take over The Tangent Gallery. This two day exhibition will feature, “approximately 90 minutes of short films of introspective, emotive and/or enlightened subject matters from filmmakers worldwide”. Most of the films are from the artists' personal collections. You can view some of the films from previous galleries here.

This years show will feature:

Andreas Ramm - Germany
Brian Ratigan - New York
Dean Roberts - United Kingdom
Evan Hughes - Australia
James Gutierrez - California
Jordan Abrams - California
Julien Le Goff - France
Karolina Nieduza - United Kingdom
Laura Carnet - Canada
Lisa Svelmøe - Denmark
Louise Keay Bell - United Kingdom
Lyle Pisio - Canada
Margaret Orr - Indiana
Maria Askedal - Norway
Mathieu Peteul - France
Mike Rader - New York
Robert Howat - United Kingdom
Ryan Burtney - Michigan
Susan Lien Whigham - California
Tristan Guerlotté - France

The 2016 film schedule is as follows:

Compunction - Dean Roberts (2015 United Kingdom 1min)
A snap shot of a man who is struggling to come to terms with his part in a accident resulting in a fatality.

Time played - Maria Askedal (2015 Norway 2min)
A man tries to help a stranger who is stuck in an entrance to a building.

Out Of His Tree - Robert Howat (2016 United Kingdom 8min)
A troubled doctor meets a new patient in a psychiatric hospital ward, but is he all he seems to be?

XO - Brian Ratigan (2015 New York 4min)
Fearing her own memories, a girl begins the cerebral journey of longing for escape before completely fading away.

Dreams or Demons - Lisa Svelmøe (2015 Denmark 3min)
A woman liberates herself from her strive for the perfect body.

Ramble - Andreas Ramm (2015 Germany 6min)
Sometimes we crave paradise so much that we lose track of reality. The light of the sun is not always beautiful.

Haiku 9:TRADE - Lyle Pisio (2016 Canada 4min)
In a twist on the old “sell your soul to the devil” gag, Andrew is offered his heart's desire for a bit of his youth.

Belfry - Mike Rader (2016 New York 4min)
Artist Mike Rader explores problems in the painting studio that relate beyond the studio doors.

Sleeper of the Valley - Laura Carnet (2014 Canada 3min)
No matter the location or the context, soldiers represent one and only person: a victim.

Balloon Ride - Evan Hughes (2015 Australia 5min)
Victims of domestic violence, a boy dreams of escaping with his mother, only to wake up to a tragic reality.

Heart of Dust - Louise Keay Bell (2015 United Kingdom 6min)
An ex asylum patient returns to his old cell and reflects upon his memories as a patient.


Mer Depré - Margaret Orr (2015 Indiana 6min)
A journey through the mind of a depressed individual.

Untitled Poem - Ryan Burtney (2016 Michigan 2min)
A spoken word poem about seeing the truth.

The Oneness - Karolina Nieduza (2015 United Kingdom 5min)
What is death? Who am I beyond name and form? Do I have to understand death first to to able to understand life?

Once - Julien Le Goff (2015 France 3min)
Among ashes and broken glass, painfull memories rise from the dead.

Total Animal III - Tristan Guerlotté (2015 France 4min)
Submerged beings plasticized with sensual vibrations, clotting together in their oleaginous universe towards total annihilation.

The Existential Zombie - Susan Lien Whigham (2015 California 3min)
Existential horror from the zombie-centric perspective.

Awake - James Gutierrez (2014 California 6min)
“The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.” - Marcus Tulius Cicero (106-43 BC)

Ruins Of Time - Mathieu Peteul (2015 France 9min)
Elsa, a young woman who had an abortion, looks for her lost innocence tracing back her childhood.

To Infinity - Jordan Abrams (2016 California 8min)
Their planned day to carry out their suicide pact has arrived. As their moment of truth approaches, resolve grows while faith is lost.

The show will also feature an artist’s bazaar. Local vendors will be selling their wares throughout the night. Everyone who comes out and pays to get in the show will receive a coupon for $5 off the purchase of $25 or more!

Tickets to get in to the show are only $10 at the door. The bazaar will run from 11 a.m. through 6 p.m. on Friday, March 11 and 12 p.m. through Midnight on Saturday, March 12. The films will play at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Friday and 5 p.m., 7 p.m., and 9 p.m. on Saturday. The Tangent Gallery is located at 715 E Milwaukee, Detroit, MI 48202.


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