Friday, March 4, 2016

Get Ready to be Eaten Alive by Ghoul at Berserker III

Last night Berserker III officially kicked things off at The Masonic Temple in Detroit. If you missed out, don't worry! You still have 2 more nights to check out this awesome fest. Berserker brings out about 50 of the best bands in metal and punk, on both a national and local level. One the bands that you absolutely have to check out this weekend is Ghoul.

Ghoul is a metal band from Creepsylvania featuring Digestor (Guitar & Vocals), Dissector (Guitar), Cremator (Bass & Vocals) and Fermentor (Drums & Vocals). They play a mix of thrash and death metal that you can check out here, all while wearing masks to hide their real faces. To get a feel for what this band is all about, check out the music video for their track "I Spill Your Guts" below.

We wanted to catch up with Ghoul before they hit the stage in Detroit to see just what they have in store for the audience at Berserker. Here's what they had to say.

HID- Describe Ghoul to someone that has never heard you before. 
Digestor- "We're like a cool glass of lemonade on a hot day, if the lemonade was screaming in your face about robots and monsters and spraying blood all over you."

HID- Who are your biggest musical influences?
Digestor- "The shrieks of our victims, the howling of rabid dogs, and the pounding of nails into coffin lids. Also, we enjoy Christopher Cross."

HID- So, you're coming to Detroit for Berserker. There's a chance that the people that come see your set might get eaten alive, why should they come anyways?

Digestor- "There isn't a mere chance that people will be eaten alive, there's a certainty. It's in our rider! The reason they should come is so they can die an honorable death at the hands of seasoned professionals, instead of dying of Faygo withdrawal on the floor of some filthy Detroit free clinic."

HID- Where did you buy your hoods from or did you make them yourselves?
Digestor- "We got them from the corpses of executed criminals. I think mine was hung for stealing jokes on Twitter. Creepsylvania is very strict about internet etiquette."

HID- Have you ever thought about selling them at your merch table to help out your super ugly or horribly disfigured fans?
Digestor- "We did sell them when we went on tour with Skeletonwitch, but I kept mistaking audience members for band members. I did about 5 pre-set prayers with different strangers before I figured it out. Missed the gig completely."

HID- You guys just got back from cruising on the 70000tons ship. How was it?
Digestor- "It was great. We were free to murder the captive audience, and the ones who jumped overboard were eaten by sharks. Highly amusing. By the time we pulled into harbor the ship was empty but for the few people we kept alive as bargaining chips."

HID- Don't you have a new album in the works? What can you tell us about it?
Digestor- "We do. We're almost finished with it, and what I can tell you is that it is going to be the album of the year. Nay, it is the album of our lives, and will never be surpassed by the hand of man or claw of machine."

HID- What are you looking forward to most while you're in Detroit?
Digestor- "The weather."

HID- Are there any other bands playing Berserker that you want to check out?
Digestor- "I want to see Troglodyte, but mainly because they're hot."

HID- Anything else you would like our readers to know?
Digestor- "You are doomed. Doomed to a brief existence filled with pain, desperation, and horror; the spectre of decay hanging over you like a flock of circling vultures, waiting to pick at your diseased flesh with razor sharp beaks. But the good news is you can always move to Grand Rapids."

Ghoul hits the stage at Midnight on Saturday night on the 5th floor of The Masonic Temple. To see the full schedule for the weekend, head over to


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