Thursday, July 24, 2014

Getting SILI with Tart to Celebrate the Release of The Hard Lessons Newest Album (WIN TICKETS)

This Saturday The Hard Lessons are returning to Ferndale to play The Magic Bag. They are celebrating the release of their latest album Start What You Finished which can be streamed in full here. They have invited a few great bands to open the show, this includes Silent Lions, Tart and Bermuda Mohawk. This is a solid lineup and a great way to celebrate the release of some new music.
Photo Credit Renee Granados
The Hard Lessons are not only releasing a new LP, they are also releasing an album of live music that will be called Down Off The Ceiling Vol. 2: Live at Small's. They have given us a track called "That Other Girl" to preview today. You can download it for FREE here.They are hoping that this will be the first of many live albums that they intend to release.

Tart also got into the spirit of releasing new music and sent us a song called "Lobbyist" which is the first song off of Knots their debut EP. You can hear that song here.

The Hard lessons even gave us a set of tickets to giveaway to one lucky fan! If you are interested in winning a set of tickets to the show simply send your full name to We will draw one lucky winner the morning of the show and email them with details on how to claim their prize.

Silent Lions teamed up with Tart to answer some of the silliest questions that we have ever asked any band. Check out the silly answers that we received and get taste of the electric personalities that will be taking the stage this Saturday.

Zee and Adam
Photo Credit Sara J. Winston
HID- What's your worst/best memory of high school and why?
Zee & Adam- "My worst memory of high school was when my school won a competition to have Ne-Yo play a private concert for us, and then they cancelled it because they thought his lyrics were inappropriate. In response, the student body took to the cafeteria with “Free Ne-Yo” signs and chants. Alas, democracy didn't win that day."
Dean Tartaglia- "Best memory is battle of the bands my junior year. Came in second place w/ my band Mind Riot (yep, that's a Soundgarden reference), but everyone in the crowd knew we should've won (the band that did win was mostly made up of jocks and they had more friends than us... guess that's just how the world works?). Played four Nirvana covers, smashed our guitars, and it was the first time I ever crowd surfed while playing a show. It all took place in the gym so it felt just like the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video. Later that night I was kicked out for starting too many mosh pits, and one of the teachers threatened to call the cops. Apparently I was "inciting riots".

Worst memory is also music related unfortunately. I was asked to put together a band for the homecoming pep rally, so me and my four favorite musicians at school spent weeks working on a rendition of C&C Music Factory’s "Everybody Dance Now". The entire performance was a disaster. Our singer was off key and well ahead of the beat, our guitarist's strap fell off, and in my attempt to keep the crowd interested I tried a Pete Wentz 360 jump and my wireless guitar input flew out and got stuck under the bleachers... It was such a nightmare they had to cut us off in the middle of the song... I don't even remember going to homecoming that night, I think I just stayed in my room and cried."

HID- If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it and why?
Zee & Adam- "Blaring all the shitty music I had to listen to in secret all these years from my car windows while I drive down Woodward naked and chain smoking."
Matt Klein- "I'd certainly want to cram all the emotions and experiences I could, assuming it's merely MY last day and not a day full of apocalyptic mayhem. I'd eat an amazing breakfast listening to whatever all-time favorite record fits that moment. Turn my phone off and watch a great film. Write and record a song to feel that purge of inspiration and moment of release. Speaking of release: sex. Finally, have the opportunity to play the drums to the point of blissful exhaustion in front of a crowd unknowingly witnessing my final performance. And then have an incredible after party with good friends until I faded to nothingness like from a Polaroid if my parents had never fallen in love."

HID- If you had the chance to go back in time for 24 hours, where and when would you go?
Zee & Adam- "2001, before Apple released the iPod, to cash in all my savings and buy some serious stock."
Matt Klein- "Segue accomplished. I would Doc Brown it back to 1984 and be a fly on a wall in Prince's studio during the non-stop session writing and recording 'When Doves Cry'. I want to be there for the moment he decided to take the bassline out. Then we would dance."

HID- If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?
Zee & Adam- "A coney from Lafayette Coney Island, Rock n' Rye, cornbread and wing dings. Extra hot. Blue cheese on the side. Hold the celery. But gimme dem carrots."
Matt Klein- "Natural Jiff Peanut Butter. Just bring me the jar and a spoon."

HID- How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop?
Zee & Adam- "1, 2, crunch... right? I feel like we learned this in school."
Dean Tartaglia- "372? 376? I did it/counted once, tho I think Tootsie Roll pops are gross..."

HID- Rank the colors of the rainbow from best to worst and state why?
Zee & Adam- "Roy G. Biv organized them so nicely, it's hard to argue with that kind of logic. Except everyone knows that most yellows suck."
Dean Tartaglia- "From best to worst:
1. Indigo. It's SiLi's spirit color, and has always been strangely spiritual/soothing for me.
2. Red. Was my favorite color as a child, brings back all my favorite memories from growing up. Also, a predominantly large number of t-shirts I own are some variation of red.
3. Blue. Ocean. Sky. Color of my eyes. Connectivity. Life force. Dig?
4. Green. Forest. Grass. Leaves... I really love climbing trees. Green has made an unprecedented revival in my life, I'm just feeling it right now.
5. Orange. I like sunsets, cantaloupe, and Frank Ocean's album... Can't think of anything else though... Orange often makes me angry...
6. Yellow. Idk man... just no love for yellow right now...
7. Violet. Don't even get me started... the evil twin of Indigo, black sheep of the rainbow family..."

Dean and Matt

HID- If you could get rid of all the songs from a particular singer, whose would you delete and why?
Zee & Adam- "This is tricky.. Probably Hanson. Too much mmm, not enough bop."
Matt Klein- "I generally disregard and ignore music I dislike, rather than hate on it. But, I'll choose: Taylor Swift... she seems like an entity of evil hidden inside a bland human shell. If horror movies have taught me anything, her guitar is where she stores the souls of her ex-lovers and rivals."

The show takes place at The Magic Bag this Saturday July 26th, doors are at 8 pm. You can secure your ticket to the show by purchasing them in advance here.


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