Monday, July 7, 2014

Slow Roll #15 Tonight at St. Andrew's

Every Monday the streets of Detroit are filled with thousands of riders who come downtown to have some drinks and cruise around the city, this event is called Slow Roll.  They have recently had over three thousand people attend one of their famous Monday night rides. If you like riding and haven't  had a chance to join in, tonight is your opportunity to join in before the summer's over.

Tonight's Slow Roll ride will take off from St. Andrews Hall in Detroit.  The riders will meet up at St. Andy's around 6:30 and start rolling around 7 p.m.. They ride for a hour or two  and go approximately 9-14 miles in total.  When the riders return to St. Andy's their will be an after party featuring music from  DJ Dante Lasalle with Ryan DjDav Davenport and sounds by Source Audio Systems LLC

Slow Roll is always free but they do  ask riders to adhere to a code of conduct. Here are the rules:

1. Stay Right - ALWAYS leave the left lane open for cars and the SQUAD to get through. It is safer and just more respectful to others on the road. There will be times where we cant, but mostly we can.

2. Communicate - Shout out signals, stops, turns, passing, glass, obstructions, etc. There are others around you at all times, so let them know whats up.

3. Stick Together - If you see a gap forming, ride a little faster to keep the group together.

4. Stay Alert

5. Don’t Litter - Littering is not acceptable, if you see someone litter, make them pick it up. We show respect for our city.

6. Encourage Positivity - Negative or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated on Slow Roll.

7. Respect - Treat everyone and everywhere we go with R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

8. Be Prepared - Have a spare tube for flats, bring water, a helmet and be prepared for 2+ hrs of riding that ends in the dark, so bring a light kit.

9. Have Fun

10. Make Friends

11. Corking -We have a team of CORKERS that will handle this. We do NOT block cars unless critical to the safety of the ride.

12. Wear A Helmet -It’s just the safest way to ride.

13. Is My Music Too Loud? - You like music, we like music, but please make sure people can still communicate.

14. Roll Slow -THIS IS NOT A RACE. Stay behind the leader at all times.

To learn more about Slow Roll and keep up with their weekly rides, follow Bike City (the creators of Slow Roll) on Facebook here.


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