Monday, July 28, 2014

Beard Balm

Beards, a few years ago I thought they were a trend but it is becoming clear that they are here to stay. It seems that most men and women like a good beard and a good beard starts with how you care for it. Are you conditioning it? Are you shaping it? Are you making sure that it is soft to the touch? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself. If the answer to any of them is no, it is time to get into the habit of taking care of your furry friend.

There is a called Beard Balm that wants to help you get your beard into shape.  Check out what they have to say about beards and pick yourself up some Beard Balm if you plan to grow out that face mane!
HID­- What motivated you to come up with Beard Balm and start selling it?
Beard Balm- "I was looking for an all natural product that I could trust; a product where I knew exactly where all the ingredients came from. I also didn't want a product with all those added filler ingredients that didn't do much except harm my body and the environment. So I originally developed Beard Balm for myself and thought it would be nice to share with other bearded men who were looking for a similar product."
HID­- Why do you think that beards are in style these days?
Beard Balm- "Beards came into style because good product became available. Now beards can look clean and put together; making them more acceptable in places that...have other people present."
HID­- What makes a good beard?
Beard Balm- "It's very simple....don't shave, condition it and wear it with confidence and pride!"
HID- How does using Beard Balm improve the overall quality of your beard?
Beard Balm- "Beard Balm helps to condition your beard and skin beneath it. Our all natural ingredients help to strengthen your beard hairs and restore moisture; lessening breakage and split ends. The nice scent, soft feel and mild hold that Beard Balm offers is a nice added bonus!"

HID­-Do you use Beard Balm everyday? Give us a quick rundown of how beard balm is used, as I personally have never had a beard and would like to know how this works.
Beard Balm- "I use it at least once ­a day, usually after a shower, sometimes throughout the day if my beard is feeling a bit dry. I take a small amount (the amount varies, depending on personal preference and size of beard) and rub it between my fingertips. I usually start inside my beard, to make sure I condition my skin, and work my way to the ends. Then I take my beard in both of my hands and train it... bearded men will know what I'm talking about."
HID­- Do you manufacture the products here in Detroit? If so where?
Beard Balm- "We do! We operate out of PonyRide in Corktown. PonyRide is a really cool co­working space where you can find other Detroit based companies such as Detroit Denim, Empowerment Plant, Smith Shop Detroit and Anthology Coffee... just to name a few."

HID­- How much does a can of Beard Balm cost? How long will that can usually last?
Beard Balm- "$16 and depending on the size of your beard it can last anywhere between 2­-6 months. On average, about 3 months."
HID­- Is it weird to name your beard?
Beard Balm- "No, if you think of your beard as a separate entity with its own personality, then by all means, give your awesome furry friend a name!"
HID­- What types of alternative uses have you found for Beard Balm?
Beard Balm- "I've had lady friends who have said it works awesome on their cuticles, eyebrows and even directly on their hair. I've even used it on my cheeks when I'm biking on colder days to help with the wind burn. Also, works awesome on dry elbows, heels, etc."
HID­- Anything else that you want our readers to know?
Beard Balm- "Beard Balm is awesome for all different types of beards of all different sizes. We have a not so hidden agenda to beard the world!"


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