Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Speedy Ortiz & Another Lady Named Sadie

I always love to catch a lineup where I am interested in seeing more than one of the bands on the bill. I wish that this wasn't so hard to find, but let's admit it, it is. I am a big fan of both Destroy This Place and Bars of Gold. You are likely to see my pretty blonde hair in the crowd at most of their shows. So naturally when I heard that they were playing together this Thursday at The Magic Stick, I put it on my calendar to check out the show. What I didn't know is that they would be playing with Speedy Ortiz, a band that I recently took some interest in and also wanted to check out.

Speedy is touring in promotion of their debut album called Major Arcana which was released on Carpark Records. They can be described as indie rock, but they are so much more than that. Plus, they have a female singer and, get this, her name is Sadie! They are the only band that I have ever researched that has an active Livejournal that they are still updating (apparently Livejournal still exists by the way!). Check out a song from the band here. They remind me of Sleater Kinney mixed with The Breeders, but they have a sound of their own.

I expect that all three of these bands will put on a solid show. The show starts at 8 p.m. and also features a band I have not been able to check out yet called Esper. This event is all ages and is $7 at the door. The Magic Stick is located at 4100 Woodward Ave. in Detroit.


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