Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Delicious Burgers At Mercury Burger Bar

This past Saturday, Christie and I went on a little adventure in Detroit. In between catching bands at Merrick 'n Festival, we left for a little bit to get some dinner. We felt like trying somewhere that we haven't been yet. There seem to always be places we want to try but never have time so this was a perfect time to do so.

We ended up at Mercury Burger Bar over in Corktown. I don't eat burgers very often, but on a nice summer day, they can be the perfect thing to eat. The restaurant itself is pretty cute. It's on the corner of Michigan Ave., right across from the train station so you have a nice view while you're chowing down. You are greeted immediately when you walk in and have a choice of sitting inside or outside on the patio. There is a pretty large bar in the center of the place that serves tons of delicious Michigan beers.

There are about 13 burgers to choose from on the menu, ranging from your basic burger to some stranger, more interesting sounding ones. If I'm going to eat a burger, I want it to be amazing and I want a lot of stuff on it. Christie, however, is the opposite. She ordered the classic burger with cheese. I have to admit it even looked really good to me, and she said it definitely was good. I decided to be more adventurous and ordered the S.W. Detroit burger. It was topped with chorizo, jalapeños, münster, tortilla strips, avocado, and pickled spiced carrots. Guys, this thing was amazing. It was so big that I had to fork and knife it, which was a little weird to do with a burger, but so worth it. I was
pretty stuffed after eating it, but I wanted another one because it was just so damn good!

We also split an order of sea salt and black pepper fries. They were nice and peppery and really good, like everything else. They have other specialty fries like garlic and poutine that you can order. Or you can relive your childhood and order tater tots. When we were there, they even had tater tot nachos on special. They sounded a little gross, but it's hard to pass up on tots!
If you aren't a burger person and end up at Mercury Burger Bar, don't worry there are plenty of other sandwiches to choose from, as well as different hot dog options and even a few salads. You can order a shake or malt to go with your burger, or if you really feel like going for it, a 'hummer' that has Kahlua, dark rum and vanilla ice cream.

The burgers are reasonably priced at $6.50 - $8.50. The waitstaff was all friendly and our food came out pretty fast, which was extra nice because we were starving! All in all, if you haven't tried this place yet, you need to do it. It's nice to see so many great places doing well in Corktown. And when you go try Mercury Burger Bar, be brave. Try the N.Y., N.Y. one for me (basically a reuben on a burger) and tell me how it is!


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