Monday, July 1, 2013

Full Blast Fuckery with Matt Puhy and an Album Release Party This Friday!

If you read our blog on any sort of regular basis you know by now that we are very big fans of Wilson. We not only love the people in this band, but we also love the music that they play and the way that they play it. Nothing is better than seeing Wilson perform live. These kids put their heart and soul into the music and into the crowd, and the crowd always responds. They have been posting videos every few days to get their fans excited for their back to back shows this weekend and we wanted to do something special to get our readers excited.

We asked Wilson's drummer, Matt Puhy, to sit down with us and answer a couple of questions. He is the only single guy in the band and this man represents party. Not only is he an excellent drummer, but he's one of the most fun people we have ever met. He is always ready to have a good time and party. His band and their brand of fuckery reminds me of what it was like in the early 80s and 90s when rock 'n roll was rock 'n roll.

Please come check out Wilson this Friday at the Pike Room. They will be playing alongside The A-Gang, The Most Dangerous Animal and Cadaver Dogs. This show starts at 7:30 p.m. and is $10 at the door. You can also buy your tickets in advance at for $14. If you buy them in advance, you also get a copy of the album when you get to the release show. Basically you save $6 and get the album. If you were to buy the album at the show it will cost you $10 to get in and $10 to get the album. If you can't make it out Friday, and you're willing to make a little drive, you can catch them Saturday at The Stache in Grand Rapids. This show is also $10 at the door and will feature Fine Fine Titans, The A-Gang and Ana, alongside Wilson. The same advanced ticket deal applies for this show. This Friday and Saturday are going to be a fucking party and you're going to regret if you miss it. Take a second and let Matt tell you about the recent tour with Gwar, the new album Full Blast Fuckery, and what he's looking for in an ideal mate.

Hip In Detroit- What was it like to tour with Gwar and Newstead?  
Matt Puhy- "Very humbling, extremely informative, and with the exception of being born, or the first time I ate while taking a shit, those were some of the greatest moments of my life. All the bands and the crews were so nice, and the shows went so well that on an almost daily basis I'd just laugh to myself and know how lucky I was to be a part of these tours. It made me realize that I'd like to be a road dog for as long as I possibly can."

Hip In Detroit- What is the one item you would recommend any person going on their first tour bring with them? Why?
Puhy- "This has to be a two parter.
First part- Bring airspray. When you take a handful of dudes that smell like the end of a freshman college party during welcome week, and put them into any tiny enclosed area ie. van, green room, hotel room, the oxygen is quickly converted to a new gas based element i like to call Fartsygen, which is barely breathable, and very damaging to all the senses. Lets just say Glade’s “Morining Rain” has saved my life more times than I'd like to admit.
Second Part- Socks. As one of the leading causes of “Fartsygen”, always having a fresh pair is paramount, and could save the life of you or one of your bandmates."

Hip In Detroit- Whose idea was it to incorporate the marching band bass drum into your live show? Who owned the drum in the first place? Were you a marching band nerd?
Puhy- "I was not in marching band. In fact, not being a marching band nerd is one of my biggest regrets as a musician. That's four years of major chops work that I missed out on, and I know those years have influenced a lot of really great drummers. That would be Chad's idea for the bass drum, I think he bought it from a friend."

Hip In Detroit-- Being Wilson's only eligible bachelor, the ladies want to know, what are you looking for in a woman?
Puhy- "I'm sure none of them do, but a good personality, a well educated and eclectic taste in music (this is a must), can handle her booze, and I mean booze, not Smirinoff Ice and fruity flavored vodka, and finally, the little taste of weird would be about the jist of it. I guess a vagina and a couple boobs wouldn't hurt either."

Hip In Detroit- What is your drink of choice ?
Puhy- "Whiskey. More questions like that please."

Hip In Detroit- What do you want people to think and hear when they sit down and hear Full Blast Fuckery for the first time?
Puhy-  "I'd hope they hear what I hear when I listen to the music I really like. I dont know how to describe it but you know the feeling when it happens and it's one of the greatest feelings in the world...tickling the 'ol ear balls."

Hip In Detroit- Tell us a little bit about the video you just shot at the Metal Frat in Ann Arbor?
Puhy- "It was like one of those fucking balls to wall crazy parties that when everyone wakes up the next morning, they are hoping no one happened to get any video or pictures of all the embarassing, stupid shit they did the night before.
Coincidently, there was a camera crew there to capture all of it so you start to consider moving a few states over, and starting fresh.
It should be a very accurate visual description of Full Bast Fuckery.

Hip In Detroit- Favorite record to listen to when you were 15 ?
Puhy- "Anthem the Whisper - Wafflehouse* and Punk 'n Drublic - NOFX

Hip In Detroit- Ass or titties man?
Puhy- "Both. Also, please refer to the above question concerning 'what you are looking for in a woman'."


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