Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pepsi Celebrates the Red, White & Blue Season w/ Beyonce @ The Palace This Saturday

So...this is a little out of the ordinary for us but we are super excited about it, and hopefully you are too! This summer, Pepsi has given everyone a chance to enter a contest to win some pretty cool things.
To enter, basically you just have to submit a picture to the Pepsi Iconic Summer Moments site showing your summer awesomeness and you will be entered to win some great iconic summer prizes, like chances to see different big artists (like Beyonce) on tour. To enter, just submit your summer photo to this site and follow the prompts. And make sure to Tweet, Facebook, etc. about the contest. For every photo submitted, Pepsi is pledging to donate to a group of charities that support the military and families in need. So everything you do for this is going to a great cause, which is even more reason to do it! Everyone has their summer activities that they like to do and since it's 2013, I know you're all chronicling them on your phones and posting them to every social media outlet you can so there is really no excuse.

This weekend, you'll have a perfect opportunity to take pictures to submit to Pepsi. Beyonce is making a stop on her tour here in the Detroit area at The Palace on Saturday, July 20. If you're at the show, they are encouraging you to take pictures and Tweet, Facebook, Instagram them with the hashtags- #behive and #iconicsummer to help support the charities. We are super excited to go to the show. It's Beyonce so we only expect fabulous-ness and we will be live Tweeting the whole thing.

Thanks to Pepsi, we have the opportunity to offer one of our readers a special prize pack! This is a pretty awesome opportunity so if you would like to win this special item from the pop brand, all you have to do is email us with your full name and address- it will have to be mailed to you after all! Send your email to with the subject line 'Iconic Summer'. Good luck, happy summer and hope to see you dancing to "Single Ladies" with us on Saturday!

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