Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2013 Summer Mead Fest

A few years ago at the  DIY Stret Fair I tried mead for the first time and once I had a sip of the sweet honey taste, I was hooked. Ever since then I always look forward to getting myself a glass during DIY. What I didn't realize is that I could attend another festival this summer in Ferndale that is centered around mead and get my fix a little sooner.

This Saturday, August 3rd B. Nektar is celebrating its 5th Anniversary with the 2013 Summer Mead Festival. This event features mead by the glass, 3 outdoor bars, and live music by Almost Free, The Kickstand Band, and Johnny Ill Band. They will be releasing a new mead this year called The Zombies Take Manhattan, which is described as an aged rye whiskey mead. They will also feature the new Black Fang, Strawberries Love mead, and the return of Cherry Chipotle, a local favorite. This festival is free to 21 and over and is located at 1505 Jarvis in Ferndale. Come by and experience the sweet taste of mead for yourself!


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