Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DCFC Finish Regular Season Undefeated!!!

The Detroit City Football Club (DCFC) ended the regular season with a bang last week staying undefeated. With this last win, the soccer team will be advancing on to the National Premier Soccer League's Great Lakes Tournament to represent our fair city. Le Rouge will be hosting the two-day tournament here in Detroit on our home turf at Cass Tech.
Now, I should be more torn about the wins against Buffalo since that is where I'm originally from, but this team and these games are way too much fun. I just can't imagine there being the same energy and craziness in Buffalo as there is here. If you haven't been to a game yet, you're seriously missing out. The 'hooligans' are insane. Soccer is much more popular in Europe and other parts of the world and I've seen how intense people get there when watching it, but it's very rare to see that same energy here in the states. Somehow Detroiters picked it up and got into it full force right away, especially seeing as how this is only the team's second year in existence. The fans bring smoke bombs, a gigantic flag that goes over the crowd, they have rehearsed's just all around fun and you can't help but get into it yourself when you sit in their section.

The tournament will take place this Saturday and Sunday, July 13 and 14. The semifinals will be on Saturday with the first game at 5 p.m., and the finals on Sunday with the kickoff at 3 p.m. Tickets for DCFC games are usually only $5, but since this is not part of the regular season (so if you are a season ticket holder it won't cover this) the tickets will be $15 for a weekend pass, or $10 for a day pass. Still a great deal! To buy tickets ahead of time, go here.
To kick off your soccer filled weekend, our favorite cooking show is having a screening of their new episode. Solid Dudes Kitchen did an episode featuring DCFC and they will be premiering it on Thursday at Harry's in Detroit. Harry's is the starting spot for all of the home games for DCFC fans so it seems like the perfect place! The episode is called "Home Team / Home Brew" and the screening will start at 9 p.m. Harry's Bar is located at 2482 Clifford, Detroit.


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