Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Perfect Way to Celebrate 12.12.12

We first told you about Tangent Gallery last month for their big Thanksgiving Eve show. Oddly enough, that show featured lyra performers and so does the event they are holding tonight. In celebration of 12.12.12 and World Hoop Day, Tangent Gallery is hosting numerous performers including The Weird Sisters Circus, Detroit Fire Guild, Detroit Dizzy Dames, Konrad Lee and the Detroit Circus. In addition to the great acts, music will also be provided by one of our favorite DJs around, Erno the Inferno!

The best part of this show is not only the entertainment, but Tangent Gallery is also celebrating the service industry at this show! If you are a service worker, you can get in to see these great Detroit performers all in one place for FREE! All you need is a pay stub from the establishment you work at. It's not often that you get honored like this, so make sure you take advantage of it!  Don't worry though. If you don't work in the service industry, you can still come check out this show for the nominal fee of $5. Seems like a pretty great deal to me! 

Tangent Gallery is located at 715 East Milwaukee St. in Detroit. To find out more about the gallery, check out the interview we did with Joe from Tangent here. For more info on tonight's event, check it out on Facebook


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