Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Jamaican Queens Video"The Kids Get Away"

This week on of my favorite local acts Jamaican Queens released their video for the song “The Kids Get Away.” The video was filmed in and around the streets of Detroit and the surrounding suburbs. It premiered on Noisey and we wanted to make sure that you caught it. 
The video was directed by Andy Miller and produced by Amanda Leclaire. It features all three of the boys from Jamaican Queen’s- Ryan Clancy, Ryan Spencer, and Adam- wearing masks while riding their bikes.

This video reminds us that Detroit has a dark side and at times can be a dangerous place. Singer Ryan Spencer said he was inspired to write this song when he realized how unsafe and stupid he was at times. He says "I kind of wrote this song as a reminder to stop being such an idiot. It’s not safe getting fucked up and riding my bike home from weird rave spaces at 4 in the morning alone.” 

The band's next show is this Friday with Nothing Elegant and CrayCrays at Jumbo's and is only $5. You can spend the end of the world dancing and listening to some of the best music this city has to offer. 


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