Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Slightly Different Way to Spend Your Thanksgiving Eve

If you're in the mood to go out Wednesday night, but you aren't into the whole bar scene, we have an event that might be just up your alley. My Pal Val has teamed up with Tangent Gallery for an evening of art, music, aerial performers and more. The band line-up for the evening is stellar on its own, with sets from The Summer Pledge, Reverend and Hear Hums. Then, they went ahead and added a long list of artists and performing artists which makes this an event you won't want to miss. 

Since this night of fun is a little out of the ordinary, and is being held at a venue I've never been to, I reached out to Joe Van Bael from Tangent Gallery to find out a little more about the space and about Wednesday's show.

Hip In Detroit - Tell us about Tangent Gallery? How long has it been around? How did it get it's start? What sort of events do you have?

Joe - "The Tangent is a raw Detroit gallery/performance venue housed in an old industrial print shop. Tangent is devoted to allowing artists to showcase their works of art, live performances, and live music. Consider it a blank canvas for each artist or promoter to do his or her thing whatever that may be.
Tangent opened in 2001 doing solo shows under the curation of Mitch Cope. We now host a variety of different types of art and entertainment. Art Exhibitions, film screening, live music, industry, performance art, fashion shows, weddings, private parties, pop up dinners, pop up yoga, fire performances, aerial performance, etc. Skies the limit! Being an industrial space with 20' ceilings, It is an ideal venue for aerial & circus performances.

Tangent was started by myself and Detroit News Photojournalist Robin Buckson. We bought the building in August of 99 with the intent of creating a venue as well as live work space for ourselves and others." 

Hip In Detroit - It looks like you guys have a lot planned for the Thanksgiving Eve Bash! What can you tell us about the artists that night?
Joe - "Thanksgiving Eve was created and planned by My Pal Val, a Detroit original indie rock band. They're planning live painting and lyra performances while the musicians perform their original music!"

Hip In Detroit - Since Thanksgiving Eve tends to be a pretty big bar night (so we've heard), why should someone come out to your party rather than going bar hopping? 
Joe - "People should come out because these are original artists! And they need support to perfect their craft! They're putting their art on the stage for a one time, unique, live experience that will never be duplicated. Tangent only opens when we got a show!"

Hip In Detroit - After Wednesday night, what other big events do you have coming up?
Joe - "You can check out our events page on our website @ www.tangentgallery.com."

Thanks Joe for taking some time to give us the scoop on Tangent and the Thanksgiving Eve Art/Rock Bash! For a full list of artists and more info on the show, visit the event page on Facebook. Doors open at 9 p.m. on Wednesday night and 18 and up are welcome!


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