Monday, December 3, 2012

Kickin' It with Tunde, Maria Rose & The Swiss Kicks and Phantasmagoria

Thursday night at The Magic Stick we had a the chance to catch 3 completely different artists play a great show. They were completely different in the sense that it was 3 different genres and they are all doing things a little differently than other bands in the area.

The night started off with Tunde, whom we've been telling you about for months. Him and his dancers were amazing, as always. We've been telling you guys about Tunde for months now. Some of you finally listened, while others still haven't checked out this amazing artist. Just head over to our YouTube channel and you will find numerous videos from Tunde and you will see how awesome he is.

After Tunde's set was over, we finally got to see a band Tunde has been telling us about for months now, Maria Rose & The Swiss Kicks. This 4 piece, fronted by a female vocalist, doesn't always perform as a four piece. The band was nice enough to sit down with us to tell us about that and much more. Check out the interview and a song from their set down below:

The night ended with the crowd entranced by Phantasmagoria. No, not the outrageous hair metal band from Japan, whom we joked with the duo about off camera. These two musical geniuses are making amazing music right here in Detroit and their "dos" are a bit more tame than that other band by the same name. Phantasmagoria is already getting big rather fast around here, but we're sure they will be huge very soon. Check out a quick interview with them and one of their tunes from Thursday night's set:

Thanks again to all of the bands for taking the time to talk with us and for putting on such a great show. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and our "Stuff You Should Go To" list to find out when these guys are playing next!


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